Equipment Recovered After Window Breaking Thief Targets Hatzalah Vehicle


Thousands of dollars in lifesaving equipment was tracked down Monday morning after a unabashed thief broke the back window of a Hatzalah vehicle, making off with the equipment inside.

The thief came across the vehicle parked on Schenectady Ave near Carroll Street a few minutes before midnight Sunday night. He gained entry by throwing a rock through the back window, in full view of cars driving past.

After giving it a few minutes to see if the break in attracted attention, the man returned wheeling a shopping cart, which he began loading with goodies. Tens of thousands of dollars worth in lifesaving equipment was taken as drivers continued to pass by. The man then walked off with his loot up Schenectady Ave.

The break in was found Monday morning, and the hunt for the missing equipment begun.

Volunteers from Crown Heights Hatzalah and Shomrim searched the streets, finding discarded pieces of equipment scattered across blocks. Finally, with the help of Mordy Hecht of Cheded Shel Emes and some locals, the equipment was found and accounted for. would like to remind everyone to remove any valuables from your vehicles before leaving your car at night, and double check to make sure that your vehicles are locked.

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