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Anti-Semitic Graffiti at the Supreme Level


The rise in Hate Crimes in NYC seems to continue, as yet another disturbing incident is being investigated on Wednesday afternoon.

The NYPD Hate Crime Task Force says they are currently investigating anti-Semitic vandalism at the Nassau Ave Subway Station on the G line. As can be seen in the attached image, an ad with a photo of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was defaced with a swastika and the words “Die Jew (expletive removed)”.

Multiple people contacted the NYPD regarding this incident, including one Jewish woman on Twitter named “Chevy Friedman”. Brooklyn Boro President also contacted the NYPD.

The NYC Transit Twitter account responded to her with a short statement on social media:

“We’re terribly sorry your friend and our other customers at Nassau Av had to see this abhorrent vandalism. We have zero tolerance for hateful imagery anywhere in our system and will ensure that’s removed as soon as NYPD personnel have concluded their investigation.

“Following up with an update: that offensive imagery was reported yesterday, and our crews removed it immediately after NYPD had collected evidence for its investigation. Again, we regret that our customers were exposed to this hate speech, and thank you for notifying us.”

So far this year, 40 anti-Semitic crimes have been reported in the city compared to 21 at this time last year.


  • 1. Milhouse wrote:

    If they looked for everyone who vandalizes a subway poster, they’d do nothing else all day. Going after this vandal only because of the content of his message seems like a breach of the first amendment.

    • 3. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

      I’d like to test your theory of the first amendment if it was a poster of the Rebbe OBM. Freedom of speech doesn’t give anyone the right to maliciously tamper/destroy public or private property.

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