Caught on Camera: 770 Coat Thief

If you see something, Say something! It’s not just a slogan, it’s a direction. So when an obviously non-Jewish man is seen in 770 putting on a coat that’s a few sizes too small for him, it should be a red flag.

Yet at 4:00am, a man entered 770 and can be seen on camera as he picked a coat off the rack and forced it on. The coat, belonging to a Yeshiva student, clearly did not fit. Despite the late hour, 770 was not empty, and the man waked by many boys as he made his way out.

Video surveillance cameras in 770 captured the entire theft as well as his exit.


  • 2. maybe wrote:

    maybe the people of 770 are open to human of all races color or creed and dont think to observe people putting on a coat that is not sized well

  • 3. Yitzechok wrote:

    Number 1
    When hundreds people go through 770 daily, unfortunately it will not be noticeable…… but just a suggestion there should be security guy in the building 24 hours 7 days a week and if one stupid incident happens that security was not aware of security must get fired…….for example that black man stealing that coat without getting caught….. that’s reason Security MUST get his termination

  • 4. Uniforms wrote:

    Few years ago all janitorial staff in 770, make and female, were required to wear a uniform.
    Don’t know why it’s no longer required, but now you don’t know who’s supposed to be there, and who should be quickly escorted out.

  • 5. police wrote:

    Do you share videos with the police? Other wise what’s the point of them? you can at lease print out photo of the man and post all over 770 with a warning if anyone sees him.
    There is no way for the bochurim to know if the person is a worker or someone who doesn’t belong there.

  • 6. Crown Heights Resident wrote:

    They need to install a High Definition Video Camera in 770.

    The video isn’t sharp enough to identify the persons face


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