Woman Punched in Unprovoked Assault Erev Shabbos

A woman was punched on her arm just hours before Shabbos as she walked on Lincoln Place in Crown Heights. The assault was unprovoked, and no words were exchanged.

by crownheights.info

The assault occurred on Lincoln Pl near Kingston Ave, just steps away from Calabria Pizzeria in Crown Heights.

A woman in her 20’s was walking by, when a man described as a black male a little under six feet tall, suddenly ran towards her and punched her on the arm.

As per the victim, her assailant had matted dreadlocks, and was wearing a black jacket, pants, and shoes.

The attacker did not say anything during or after the assault.


  • 2. Tom Loughlin Jr. wrote:

    Yossi…I am a Christian well aware of the absolutely vital and inseparable link between our faiths, a passing grasp of some aspects of Jewish history. I am doing a bit of study on Torah , and am a Freemason who enjoys companionship of Jews in Lodge, and an occasional Synagogue trip. What I cannot get is why , on earth, and for the love of the Most High , do Jews ever have to be told to “Wake UP Isnt an appreciation of history enough to keep everyone on the edge of their seats, sandals snug and staff in hand?. Of course, I am glad you are sounding an alarm…but Holy Smoke ! any snoozing Jew is certainly in jeapordy and putting others at risk. Keep up the good work. You have friends out here in the clan of the “Rebel Rabbi”..


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