Surveillance Video of Maple Street Assault Released

The surveillance footage of an assault on Maple Street, that left a young man with a split lip, has been released by Crown Heights Shomrim. The footage, which shows the young man being targeted without reason, draws focus on the rising of unprovoked assaults in Brooklyn.


As previously reported on,the incident occurred around 8:00pm Wednesday night, as a young man was near the intersection of Maple St and Kingston Ave.

He were approached by a group of 4 black teenagers, and without saying a word, one of the group punched him in the mouth, splitting his lip.

The teenagers continued on Maple St towards Albany Ave, while the man called Shomrim and 911.

Shomrim volunteers, who were on patrol in the area, immediately responded, and identified the group turning onto Albany Ave from Maple St. They followed the group on Albany Ave until they turned onto Fenimore St.

The police were directed by Shomrim to the group, and after the victim identified his attacker, they placed him under arrest.

When asked for a reason for the assault, the teenager admitted to punching the victim, but claimed he did it because he thought the victim was taking a video of him.

Shomrim received video footage of the incident from a nearby surveillance camera, and has now released it to the public.


  • 1. Y.S. wrote:

    The video shows a LOT of pre-attack indicators, yet the victim still kept his hands in his pockets and half-heatedly defended himself. Be vigilant, be safe, defend yourself.

  • 2. Y.S. wrote:

    From what I can tell in he video, the victim turned around because he likely heard footsteps running towards him from behind. Despite this, he still kept his hands in his pockets. This allowed the perp the opportunity to lay hands on the victim unhindered. Only then did our victim remove his hands, but only half-heatedly defended himself.

    I can’t blame the victim for walking with his hands in his pockets… it’s late November. However, there were plenty of pre-attack indicators in this one. He was situationally aware of his surroundings enough to notice them running towards him, this was good. But what did he do beyond that to be proactive?

  • 3. A Friend wrote:

    I spoke to the victim
    there was a 4th not seen in video
    he had a phone in one hand the other was in his pocket holding a loose envelope of cash, he told me he thought by trying to do much it will only provoke them to continue assaulting and he was clearly outnumbered

  • 4. Sting Operation to Catch a Thug wrote:

    In the video, you can see a person across the street, come over, and then the perps ran when they realized there were witnesses.

    Someone mentioned a pendant or GPS wring that can instantly relay GPS coordinates. Surveillance cameras on every corner in high risk streets. If the cops see someone constantly hiding their face from cameras, they should send units.

    Also, maybe its time for some sting work. Have a bunch of cops dress up like Lubavitchas….walk around the neighborhood, and then catch them in a sting operation….

    – Jay

  • 5. CH Resident wrote:

    This ‘I assaulted him because I thought he was taking videos of me’ is complete nonesense meant to mask anti-Semitism. The same excuse has been used by these thugs many times before.

    Dear neighbors: Stop teaching your children to hate and attack us.

  • 6. Seemed to me wrote:

    Looks like a botched robbery. They wanted his phone and he help it away. With a pocket full of money and his wife walking behind, he did the right thing. I know the guy, he said there was no point to fight 4 guys and he was right. Unless you know how to fight and are certain you’ll win or you’re in real danger and have to fight for your life, it’s never worth it. Everything else is replaceable.

  • 7. Anonymous wrote:

    It appears from video that the fourth person (who appears “non-Jewish”, was a neighbor who was heading in the opposite direction, but who came to help the Jewish guy.

    Sometimes…stopping and watching or coming over is enough to stop would be thugs.. Its good to be friends with black neighbors…they can have your back….and can watch out for you.


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