1 Arrested Following Assault in Crown Heights

Immediate action by the victim of an assault in Crown Heights, and a quick response by Crown Heights Shomrim, ended with one person in cuffs Wednesday night.

by crownheights.info

The incident occurred around 8:00pm Wednesday night, as a young couple was at the intersection of Maple St and Kingston Ave.

They were approached by a group of 4 black teenagers, and without saying a word, one of the group punched the husband in the mouth, splitting his lip.

The teenagers continued on Maple St towards Albany Ave, while the couple called Shomrim and 911.

Shomrim volunteers, who were on patrol in the area, immediately responded, and identified the group turning onto Albany Ave from Maple St. They followed the group on Albany Ave until they turned onto Fenimore St.

The police were directed by Shomrim to the group, and after the victim identified his attacker, they placed him under arrest.

When asked for a reason for the assault, the teenager admitted to punching the victim, but claimed he did it because he thought the victim was taking a video of him.


  • 1. CH Resident wrote:

    Great that they caught him. He’ll be out by tommorow on some technicality and this vicious cycle will continue. Perhaps signs should be hung around the neighborhood – “DEAR NEIGHBORS, STOP ATTACKING JEWISH PEOPLE.”

    People are fed up.

  • 2. YY wrote:

    1) Start publishing the names of those accused of hate crimes
    2) Commit a Hate Crime, lose your public housing benefits
    3) NYPD Cops must walk the streets, not just ride around
    4) Bring in NYS Troopers if NYPD doesn’t have man power or funds
    5) Roll Back Raise the Age – 16 or 17 yr old teenagers who commit certain crimes (misdemeanors) will not be charged as adults…as the age was recently raised by Sen NYS Hamilton to 18…..to be specific…in this article a teenager punches a Jew and splits his lip but does not break or fracture any bones of the Jew – its 3rd degree assault…and will not be a hate crime in 2019…because age will be a defense to knock out attacks – any criminal attorneys want to address this future problem ?


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