Jewish Man Assaulted in Crown Heights Early Saturday Morning

A Jewish man was assaulted by two males in an unprovoked incident early Saturday morning, which sent him to the hospital. The victim was sent to the hospital with injuries to his ears, and the assailants got away.


In an unprovoked, and possibly hate related incident, a Jewish man was assaulted by two black males in front of 728 East New York Ave, between Albany and Troy Avenues. The assault happened early Saturday morning at around 6:30am as the man was heading off to shul.

The Jewish man was approached by two black males, who without saying anything, suddenly punched him in the face. The victim fought back, during which he was able to grab his attackers glasses. Once it became obvious that the victim would not go down without a fight, the assailants the fled towards Albany Ave.

The victim initially asked a black woman nearby to call 911, but the woman refused, instead turning away and going into a nearby building.

After 20 minutes of calling for help, a Jewish man came out of a nearby house, and after hearing the story, called 911 and Hatzolah.

When the police came the victim was able to give the glasses to the police as evidence.

The victim was transported by Hatzolah to Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, where he was treated for minor injuries to both ears.

As per a police source, the glasses have been sent to a lab to acquire DNA evidence about the assailant.

The 71st precinct has also promised extra police presence following the incident.


  • Moishe

    Perhaps a direct contribution to Our neighborhood thanks to the new homeless/low income shelter in the area.
    And as so many others have complained in comments.
    Where are the leaders ?
    Where are Rabbonim ?
    How sad.
    Where are the community activists ?

  • Anonymous

    What is crown heights doing about these daily attacks???

    Taking pictures and more

    Wake up people.

  • I Hate Prejudice

    This does need community leadership. Reach out in a community effort towards the poor/jobless and show the adults of these wayward youth what is good and righteous. Also, more police presence is warranted but sadly sometimes backfires due to mistrust issues.

  • Men Or-Ah

    Demand the CHJCC hold bi-annual elections like they are supposed to.

    Demand that the CHPAC come up with a Jewish platform of issues for the community, 6 months before democratic primaries.

    Demand that the CHPAC be replaced by a Jewish Senate of Shuls, whereby each Shul’s voice is multiplied by the amount of registered votes in that Shul.

    The CHPAC should demand more public funds for cops and security cameras and drones.