Shoplifter in Family Dollar Stabs Employee

An employee working at Family Dollar was stabbed while attempting to stop a shoplifter in his store. The employee was stabilized at the Kāmin Health-Crown Heights Urgent Care, before being transferred to the hospital in an ambulance.


The incident occurred Monday afternoon at the Family Dollar located on the corner of Lefferts and Kingston Ave. An employee, who has special needs, noticed a person attempting to shoplift from the store, and stopped him.

The shoplifter stabbed the employee before fleeing the location.

Quick thinking bystanders rushed the injured employee across the street to the Kāmin Health-Crown Heights Urgent Care. In a big kiddush Hashem, the frum doctor on site stabilized the victim before arranging ambulance transport to Kings County Hospital.

The NYPD is investigating the incident.

Details are still emerging on the incident, and this article will be updated as information is received.


  • 1. Bubby S wrote:

    I know who this worker is. He is unable to speak but he is a real mentch and the management has told me he is a valuable employee. May HaShem grant him a speedy and complete recovery.

  • 2. Sad wrote:

    I know which employee! He is a really kind and sincere person. I hope he makes a complete and quick recovery.

  • 4. Mendy jacobson wrote:

    At least we know that all activities were being monitored and recorded for our safety and protection

  • 7. rb1 wrote:

    #5, things change too. we shall see what are the plans. we need to be doing exactly as the Rebbe directed and advised us.
    speaking of which, can we have some articles on what the Rebbe said about what to do in our shechuna?

  • 9. Anonymous wrote:

    He is the sweetest employees mom verbal but always willing to help.
    I wish him a full and speedy recovery


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