Car Left on Cinder Blocks in Overnight Tire Theft

A car was left without tires and on cinder blocks overnight in Crown Heights. The thieves took all four tires off the vehicle, leaving the vehicle teetering on two cinder blocks, its front end on the floor.


A car was left on cinder blocks overnight in a brash tire theft on Carrol Street and Troy Ave. All four tires were taken from the 2018 model Honda Accord, leaving the car teetering on two cinder blocks, its front end on the floor.

Over the past few years, tire thefts have been on the rise, targeting mostly new high end model foreign cars. Thieves favorites have been Honda four door sedans, and Infiniti vehicles. Each tire, which can cost over $200 each, are a boon to thieves, as they are easily resold, and are very hard to identify.

The thieves who do these tire thefts are well coordinated, and are very fast, leaving a car without its tires in just minutes. Very few surveillance videos are ever recovered of the thefts, leading to the belief that the thieves scout an area before picking their mark.


  • 2. Geula wrote:



    Buy locking nuts for you screws on your tires. (Sorry for the language).
    The nuts are a few dollars compared to the price of a tire(s) , service call, and aggravation.

    Only good news Iyhe.

  • 3. Anonymous wrote:

    This was right outside of a school. Doesn’t the school have video surveillance?

  • 4. Anonymous wrote:

    For those with cameras in the area, this happened at 3:50 am. The double parked car was there for a few minutes. Then went straight down Carroll street toward Schenectady. A good camera will be able to get their plate number. Mine does not get the plates.

  • 6. 621 ENY wrote:

    had 2 rims and tires stolen one evening on east n y ave. better to have your wheels taken than your health taken from you …..anyway

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    There is a white pick up truck on east new between Brooklyn avenue and Kingston full of tires maybe their tires are in the truck


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