Arrest Made in Connection with Hate Graffiti in Reform Temple

An arrest was made in connection to hateful graffiti found drawn on the walls of a Reform Temple in Brooklyn. The person arrested was not a first time offender, and had other hate crimes in his past.


As previously published on, Thursday afternoon, members of a local reform temple were horrified to discover anti Semitic writing on several floors of The Union Temple of Brooklyn, located at 17 Eastern Parkway, just blocks from 770.

The messages, which included phrases such as “Die Jew Rats,” and “Jews better be ready,” were only some of the things written. Other phrases, which included some incredibly offensive language, were found as well.

The NYPD made an arrest on Friday night in connection to the incident. James Polite was arrested, and charged with scrawling the anti Semitic graffiti. Polite is also charged with a string of arson fires in Williamsburg, including one at a yeshiva and another at a Jewish banquet hall.

Polite has Jewish foster parents, and was an intern for former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn — for whom he worked on initiatives to combat hate crime.

“I know this young man, and along with many others in the New York City Council and social services agencies throughout the city, have done everything I could over the years to help him” as he cycled in and out of homelessness and the foster care and mental health systems, she said in a statement posted to Twitter. “I am simply and utterly devastated.”

Authorities said Friday that Polite was sent to Woodhull Hospital for psychiatric observation.


  • Milhouse

    Of course, not a Trump supporter, not a “white supremacist”, a committed Democrat, and this is the typical case, but somehow this is Trump’s fault and we should all be panicking about Trump and the so-called alt-right. Wake up, people, despite one deadly incident the real threat is not from the alt-right but from the ctl-left.

  • Anonymous

    I think we should walk over and have a Micha prayer outside out of respect and support, like it was done in Pa

    • On second thought

      And we could try to put on tefillin with them too, but I don’t know if either would be appreciated.

  • Jay from LI

    There must be a distinction between a mentally disabled individual who is devoid of choice and responsibility, and an individual who has mental issues based upon genetics or life experience (e.g. post dramatic stress disorder).
    There is a difference between a person on the street corner talking to himself , and incoherently screaming I want to kill all Jews, and an individual here who is a intern working on hate crime legislation.
    The FREE GET OUT OF JAIL CARD by taking a trip to the psych ward after a crime has to be discontinued.

  • ddrow

    this shows us also, that mental illness comes in a form which many people don’t understand… the form of looking “normal” and acting functional to the untrained eye. We must be educated about this, especially in these times.
    they walk among us.