Teen Attacks Jewish Man with Stick, Charged with Hate Crime

A black teen was arrested for attacking Jewish man with a stick in an unprovoked attack. He was apprehended thanks to the efforts of witnesses and Shomrim Volunteers. Turns out, the suspect was released 20 minutes earlier after being arrested for shoplifting from a nearby bodega.

by CrownHeights.info

A Jewish man was violently assaulted in an unprovoked attack while crossing a street in Crown Heights on Monday afternoon.

The incident occurred at around 3:50pm at the intersection of Empire Boulevard and Albany Avenue. The victim was accosted as he was crossing the street by a black teenager carrying a wooden stick. When the victim realized he was about to be assaulted he attempted to flee.

The victim ran into the cleaners owned by R’ Shloime Junik, whose son tried opening the door to provide shelter to the victim, though not fast enough. The attacker managed to swing and strike the victim over his back and shoulder causing the stick to break in half. The perpetrator then threw the second piece into the store and striking both the victim and another bystander and causing further injuries.

Attempting the flee, the suspect ran down Albany Avenue into Lefferts park with multiple witnesses chasing after him. Both Shomrim and police were called and the suspect was apprehended, police arrived a short while later and arrested the suspect.

Much to the shock of the people observing the suspect being arrested, officers said that he had just been released less than 30 minutes earlier after he was caught shoplifting from a bodega on Rutland Road and Albany Avenue. He was released on a desk appearance ticket for that crime.

After his arrest the suspect was charged with felony assault, menacing, harassment, criminal possession of a weapon as well as a hate crime.


  • Following the ways of Sharpton, Jackson & Farrakhan

    These attacks are happening more and more often. If this (or the many other attacks this year alone) were vice versa, it would be a national story.

    There needs to be more done by our neighbors. This simply isn’t cutting it.

  • Just.... WOW

    You guys live in a crime-ridden jungle. Thank G-d for Shomrim because you don’t get jack from the police.

    How is the victim?

  • 621 ENY

    i consider MYSELF lucky. I lived next door to the park. If this guy would have attacked me i would have finished HIM off….. I feel lucky that I don’t live near these folks……… On another note; yes, i lived next to the park for five years AND I was NEVER scared, bothered with and only had 2 tires stolen from my car. I was apprehensive walking a few times: but, all in all I consider Crown Heights a good neighborhood. I’d come back; but, I could never share a driveway…lol

  • st325

    how is the victim??
    if the attacker is really mentally unstable, there is a legal situation of inappropriate handling of a criminal with psych issues.

  • ps5

    The way they’re abusing this boy is terrible!
    Please consider donating to his GoFundMe.
    Tryavon Martin, Mike Brown, we must protect our black youth!

    • A person

      This kid attacked a man with a stick. He is NOT a victim. People like you add to the problem.

  • Bring Back Stop and Frisk

    According to it, if you are under 18, certain misdemeanor crimes, are no longer jail time and criminal court but are family court with milk and cookies.

    If the perp did not have a dangerous instrument (stick), and there was no serious injury, just some welts, and if you are under 18, case is no longer required to be in the criminal courts.

    If the thugs on the street realize that the penalities will be less, the deterrent effect will also be less.