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Lubavitchers Violently Assaulted While Returning from Tahalucha

Two Lubavitchers were violently assaulted on Monday night, Smichas Torah, as they were making their way back to Crown Heights following Tahalucha.


A group of Lubavitchers walking back to Crown Heights on Simchas Torah eve were accosted by 32-year-old Keachane Simon who punched one victim in the face, then grabbed a rock and bashed a second victim over the head and causing him to bleed profusely.

The incident occurred at around 2:00am on Bedford Avenue and Green Avenue in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn.

Following the attack Simon fled the scene, only to return a short while later with a wooden stick. A passerby called 911 and police arrived on scene in time to apprehend Simon, who police officers were forced to pepper spray in order to place him under arrest.

Once in cuffs and placed inside a police cruiser Simon attempted to break free by kicking out the window of the police car.

EMS transported one of the victims to Kings County Hospital where he was treated for the laceration to his head. The others continued their walk back to Crown Heights and sought medical attention locally.

One of the victims told police that Simon had made derogatory references about Jews while committing the assault.

Simon was charged with assault, menacing, aggravated harassment and criminal possession of a weapon.


  • 1. rt wrote:

    this guy must have shown signs of concern when he was much younger.
    everyone loses when the system fails and these people with their anger and dysfunction walk around not having their basic needs, issues and concerns addressed and dealt with. It is time for the city to see this.

  • 2. Go-ds right hand man wrote:

    Yidden and chasidim should be able and prepared to defend themselves
    The lamb doesn’t win and isn’t part of the netzach of a Ben Torah to be flexible “rach” is part of the netzach of a Ben Torah

  • 4. Great Dane - to rt wrote:

    “The system” failing is no excuse, and requesting “the city” to deal with this just means more taxes paid by the working citizens of this city to another government program that won’t work. This young man needs to take responsibility for his crimes, and hopefully he will. And to all those out there reading this who have hate in their hearts towards others due to skin color, financial or social status, or other issues: please deal with these issues on your own time, on your own dime, and improve your life to the best of your ability. God will assist you.

  • 5. Yitzechak wrote:

    These kind of people who have anger issues it’s all in the mind it can cause massive brain cancerous I have seen it firsthand….. and it’s not something that is controllable….. I personally saw it with a religious guy….. It’s a dangerous thing…..

  • 6. Tzvi wrote:

    I and four other Bochurim were harassed by the same man, shorty before this attack took place. He had a stick, and shouted the typical anti-Semetic stuff and tried to provoke a fight. We continued walking at the same pace and I guess realizing that we seemed unfazed he stopped following us. We alerted the first cop we saw, which was outside the homeless shelter on Bed and Atlantic Ave – he was uninterested and basically said it was probably a homeless man, and you guys are fine so keep walking. We told him we were worried about others returning on the same route, he was still unbothered. Unfortunately this article doesn’t surprise me!

    • 7. Anonymous wrote:

      Lazy typical nypd cop. But our “leaders” are more concerned with a photo op and money for their PERSONAL organizations.

    • 8. report the cop wrote:

      Go to 71 precinct and file a compaint – they konw which officer was at that cporder at what time. It will make the cops better.

      And Yiden – come to Eretz Yisroel, you have no business in chutz laaretz any more and it’s only gonna get worst.

  • 9. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Oh, the benefits of Crown Heights. Note: gives training in use of and how to protect oneself with or without guns. Crown Heights and Chicago–both are similiar and the city cannot control their own demain.


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