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1 Shot at J’Ouvert Festival, 2 Others Shot on Sunday

One man was shot in the back during the early morning J’Ouvert festival in Crown Heights, while two women were also injured by gunfire in the hours before the start of the festival.

One man was reportedly shot in the back on Monday morning at 7:30am during the J’Ouvert festival, ahead of the West Indian American Day Parade, on Nostrand Avenue and Park Place, which is outside the official parade route.

Two additional women were shot on Sunday evening ahead of the event on Flatbush Avenue and Herkimer Street. One of the victims was stuck in the elbow, while another was grazed in the leg.

All the victims were taken to nearby hospitals and are expected to survive.

Last year organizers of the festival, working together with law enforcement and local elected officials, changed the start time of the event from 2:00am to 6:00am and added hundreds of light towers and additional police officers in an effort to curb the violence which was often synonymous with the event.

The changes seem to have paid off with significantly less violence and injuries reported this year, as well as the year before.


  • 1. Make Brooklyn Great Again wrote:

    After hearing about the violence which constantly plagues the West Indian Day Parade and the recent crime on Jewish victims getting mugged assaulted, stabbed and strangled, I do notice a pattern.

    They all happened during a Donald Trump Presidency.

    I applaud our Politicians on raising their voices against Donald Trump who is responsible for causing the recent violence on innocent people ( baby pictures of the shooters not available for this article).

    • 2. Facts Please wrote:

      There has been violence at this parade for 40 years much worse than now , blaming Trump is ridiculous, grow up snowflake

  • 3. yankel wrote:

    No, you got it all wrong, it is because of Bill Deblasio the mayer and all of he democrats that you help elect that are soft on crime.

  • 6. 49 yr in the hood wrote:

    To post “ make brooklyn great “
    You are so out of Touch ,
    Better Read And don’t comment
    You will sound smarter

  • 7. to # 1 wrote:

    the fact is that the violence at the parties has been going on for years and is not at all related to the comment of # 1. it is solely based on drinking endless hours which results in violence. Boruch Hashem this was limited

  • 9. Moishe pipik wrote:

    To #1. Make Brooklyn great again.

    Wow. Some ppl have no sense of humor. Hehe. Thanks for your comment. I had a laugh

  • 11. ch resident wrote:

    um excuse my ignorance but isn’t 3 that were shot, 3 too many? If there was such good security then there should have been 0 people shot. It is absolutely ludicrous that the residents have to make sure to leave there houses for the day in order that there might be a possibility of getting shot

  • 12. dovid wrote:

    #1 is being sarcastic, it is all de blasios fault and the kiss ups to him that CLAIM to represent us.

  • 13. Mendel W. wrote:

    Next year in addition to the 4,000 nypd cops, i propose 20,000 national guardsmen with armored vehicles, tanks, and artillery batteries.

    Maybe, just maybe, that extra security help will inspire a parade with ZERO shootings.

  • 14. Make Brooklyn Great Again or Make Brooklyn Safe Again ? wrote:

    Thank you #9 & #12.
    I was almost going to go back to the Borscht belt, since this seemed like a rough crowd.

    All joking aside, the problem is guns and individuals who have a gangsta / criminal attitude.

    To solve the problem, GOING BACK TO STOP AND FRISK would cut down on the amount of guns on the street, but politically, that won’t happen in the next twenty years, you will have to wait until the latino population in the Bronx further increases , the conservative Asian population further explodes and combines with the Orthodox Jews to end the political correctness which will tear down Riker’s Island (circa 2025) and allow the criminals to roam the streets.

    Until then I can only dream of surveillance cameras on every street corner with license plate reading technology, shot spotter listening devices, and a Shomrim Drone with a Yarmulke on top chasing down the bad guys.

    The Double Y

  • 15. Grateful We left wrote:

    I read that they dip themselves in motor oil and go nuts. Classy huh? When will they put an end to this disgusting parade. Time to call it quits.

  • 17. Milhouse wrote:

    Come on, people. Was “(baby pictures of the shooters not available for this article)” not enough of a clue for you?


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