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Jewish Woman Violently Assaulted and Mugged

A Jewish woman was violently assaulted and mugged by two black females as she walked on Carroll Street on her way home on Saturday night.


A Jewish woman was violently beaten and robbed by a pair of black female assailants as she was on her way home on Saturday night.

The incident occurred at around 2:00am at the intersection of Carroll Street and Troy Avenue. The victim was walking home with another woman, when the pair split up at the intersection and each heading to their homes.

Suddenly, one of the pair heard screams and when she turned around she saw her friend being thrown to the ground and mercilessly beaten with kicks and punches before the duo snatched her purse and fled into a waiting car, which was being driven by a black man.

The friend immediately called 911, followed by members of the victim’s family who in turn notified the Crown Heights Shomrim hotline.

A search of the area was futile as the assailants fled by vehicle up Troy Avenue and were long gone.

The victim was transported by EMS to an area hospital for treatment.

The victim’s purse contained her wallet including credit cards and cash along with her cellphone. A police report was filed, and the victim was released from the hospital a short while later.


  • 1. Yudewitz wrote:

    Surveillance cameras and license plate reading technology on every street corner. You live amongst predators who prowl the streets. NYS gives away billions. Jewish women should organize the Jewish vote. The CHJCC, which stopped holding regular elections has discouraged Jews feom voting. There are enough Jewish votes to sway democratic primaries. Get the facts by googling NYC election results and NYC board of Elections.

  • 4. So Horrible!! wrote:

    Everyone, please be careful.
    Refua shelaima!

    Do we have a name to ask for a refuah shelaima, physically and mentally?

  • 5. Shimon wrote:

    Lets play smart. Call the cell phone & hopefully she or he will pick up…….saying “I lost my cell phone” where can I find you? And you go with a police to where that person is…… And of course the rest is history

  • 6. Create a Police Sting to stop the Jew Hunting wrote:

    Another article about another pre-meditated act of Jew hunting. The last time a Jew was almost strangled attack, there was dog and pony show by the politicians, but no commitment for more money for surveillance cameras or cops walking the streets.

    How bout the police create a police sting, whereby cops, male and female, dress like Lubavitch Jews, and walk the street at night with Gucci bags and charity boxes.

    The politicians must commit more money for crime. Gov Cuomo gave over a $1.4 bullion to central Brooklyn, and only a slither went to crime prevention. Thank your NYS Senator Hamilton and NYS Assemblywoman Richardson for not allocating more money for crime prevention.

    Why doesn’t the CHJCC hold meetings on what politicians on doing with government money…This is all online. Much of the $1.4 billion went for luxury housing for the homeless…aka supportive housing.
    “Vital Brooklyn” – $1.4 billion dollars for Central Brooklyn – wake up Yidden –

    The Double Y

  • 7. please stop wrote:

    please stop saying we don’t vote. when I vote I see plenty of crown heights residents there. the politicians think we don’t vote and therfore all advertising they make is not for us. we need to take back our streets from violence and we need to be recognized that we do vote.

  • 8. to shimon wrote:

    Um i dont know what exactly you are thinking. if they stole it they obiously wont let u know where they r, specially, they obisouly dont want to give it back bc they r such bad ppl and want to keep it. although ur idea would work sometimes, just not when its stolen

  • 9. theres a security camera.... wrote:

    theres a security camera…. on the intersection of troy and eastern parkway off a house on ep off corner side of chovevei torah
    if the time is known then the car should show up on security camera
    additionally there is a police security camera on troy and lincoln

  • 11. M.nemes wrote:

    I see every day police on different corners instead of patrolling the neighborhood are busy pulling over cars and giving tickets if those cars patrolled maybe there would be less crime

  • 12. 23brook wrote:

    ok, so what did they get from the surveillance cameras in the end?? this must be worked on asap

  • 13. Shimon wrote:

    Reply from “to shimon”

    I did mean that the Thief should put the phone up for sale so that the one who got mugged should call her cell phone to the thief and ask “I here u r selling your phone” where can I meet you ….. I’m go where the police and the rest is history that’s what I meant!!!!!

  • 14. 4487 wrote:

    #7: there was a case of someone on Crown St. years ago who had his cell phone stolen from his house. He got a plan, and he called it and made a deal, and got the phone back….WITH the police waiting to get him which they did.

  • 15. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    If you walk alone at night you are asking for trouble in the neighborhood. Suggestion pepper spray with a loud alarm whn spray is actavated.


    Are the security cameras of equal quality to red light cameras, which at night can read license plates and also take a video?

    In Long island, the red light camera takes a video and snapshot photo of the cars license plate.


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