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Ramapo Police Make Arrests in Pomona Home Invasion

by Sandy Eller –

A Monsey area family is heaving a sigh of relief as the two robbers who entered their home last Motzai Shabbos have been taken into custody by the Ramapo Police Department.

Nicholas Kurpick, 20, of Montebello and Lonney Mathes, 19, of Airmont were arrested on Thursday and charged with felony robbery and burglary in the second degree.

Police said that the incident took place on July 7th at 9:44 PM when the two men entered the East Lane home in Wesley Hills.

According to WABC News, the robbers entered the home of Boruch and Chana Weingarden, who were staying with relatives and their children, through an unlocked front door and headed straight for the couple’s master bedroom, taking jewelry, watches and a DSLR camera.

Hearing people moving about in the house and assuming that her husband and brother had just come home from the synagogue,  Weingarden walked into her kitchen where she found the two men who were wearing bandanas to cover their faces.

As one of the intruders fled the home, Weingarden tried to wrest the camera from the other, who pushed her before fleeing on foot.

Boruch Weingarden said that the robbers seemed familiar with the layout of his home, knowing the location of multiple entrances and exits and where the master bedroom was located, giving them ability to get in and out within minutes.

Kurpick and Mathes were both arraigned in the Village of Wesley Hills Justice Court and are being held in the Rockland County jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Kurpick was previously arrested last September by the Mahwah Police Department as part of a ring responsible for more than 16 car burglaries, as reported by Mahwah Patch.

Kurpick was also arrested on multiple counts in December 2015, after stealing a safe containing $1,650 from a Suffern home, swimming across the Mahwah River in an attempt to evade police, according to The Journal News.

The Ramapo Police Department was not immediately available to comment on the matter.


  • 1. VERY CONFUSED! wrote:

    1. was it in Wesley hills or in Pomona ?? 2. was it on Friday night or motzoei shabbos ?? 3. was it in the weingarden home or were they staying with relatives ??

    • 2. copy and paste reporting wrote:

      to answer you first question, the police recording says wesley hill. the news report says wesley hills. the address is in wesley hills.
      3rd question, tzach/anash list shows that as his address.
      question 2, i believe it was on the 7th, MS, but i never looked in to it. i’m not a reporter :-)

  • 4. Why not in prison wrote:

    One of them has been arrested many times. Why isn’t he a resident of a prison? Why was he free to break in?

  • 5. To #1 wrote:

    1. It was in Wesley hills near Pomono. 2. On Motsei Shabbos. 3. At the Weingarten residence.

  • 6. To number #1 wrote:

    Don’t be confused

    Was in Wesley hills few minute walk from Pomona.

    The story happened on Motzoi Shabbos.

    Was in their home.

    They had relatives staying with them.

  • 7. Look wrote:

    One of the perps still has a fishing hook stuck in his lip from his attempt to swim across the river.


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