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Man Shot Dead on Union Street in Crown Heights

A 33-year-old man was shot dead on Union Street in Crown Heights early Tuesday morning, this was the second shooting of the night, the first of which occurred on Kingston Avenue.


Police officers responded to calls of shots fired on Union Street near Schenectady Avenue at around 3:00am, and when arriving on scene they discovered a male victim lying on the ground in front of 1655 Union Street with a bullet wound in his torso. He was unconscious and unresponsive.

EMS rushed the victim to Kings County Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The victim was identified as 33-year-old Argenis Cabrera, who lived next door to where the shooting occurred. His family has been notified and there have been no arrests. Police have opened an investigation and it remains ongoing.

Earlier in the night another shooting took place on Kingston Avenue, between East New York and Lefferts Avenues, at around 12:45am. Witnesses said they observed a man running away from the scene and injured, while a woman was hysterically crying into a phone calling for help.

A litter of bullet holes were later observed in a vehicle that was parked on the same street.

Police refused to provide additional information regarding this shooting.


  • 1. The shechunah wrote:

    Remind me again why people live in crown heights,
    I think they are scared of change and stuck in their comfort zone

    • 3. Dov wrote:

      Because you read about crimes, it doesn’t mean that we’re walking around in fear… For most of us this doesn’t really affect our day or mind etc

    • 5. To # 1 wrote:

      I assume in your comment, your first line reading, “Remind me again why people live in crown heights.” Should have a Question mark-? In place of a period.

      Saying that as a question, it deserve an answer. Despite the legitimacy or intentyof the Q……
      and the answer is….. because it’s the Rebbe’s sh’chuna. The Rebbe’s rotzon was we should Davila stay and be mechazek the sh’chune That’s basically where it starts and ends.

    • 7. ahavasyisroel wrote:

      if you are jewish, no matter what kind, there is always going to be someone that is out to get you. Don’t wave the surrender flag because that will only make you a target

  • 8. Chassidim of the Rebbe wrote:

    in the earlier years there were also a very high crime rates when even a Lubavitcher Chosid was killed and still the Rebbe insisted that his and even the other Chassidim from other Rebbes should stay in Crown Heights. if you want to live in YOUR comfort zone go ahead but note there are others who are believers of the Rebbe

  • 9. Kan tzivah hashem es haberacha wrote:

    The rebbe said stay here! The same way we are protected in eretz Yisroel we are protected here!

  • 12. Moishe pipek wrote:

    That was then. The times have changed rents are too high and it is harder for a working person who is erich to make ends meet.There will be plenty of rich people to stay.

    • 13. ahavasyisroel wrote:

      Thing is, rich people usually don’t go running around shooting people. Crime will go down because it will also be harder for the not so erlich people to stay…

  • 14. Yossi & Zaki wrote:

    So log as we are held hostage by this Vaad Hakahal that wont leave or allow elections nothing will change

  • 15. Uh-oh wrote:

    I guess the rents just went up. I’m sure the amazing landlords of CH will now justify rent increases, since the neighborhood just got safer.

  • 16. 23brook wrote:

    there are GANGS here in Crown Heights.
    Pressure should be put on the Police force to create special forces to deal with the gangs. This is going on way too long. Don’t tell me that nobody realizes that this is from Gangs, alot of it.
    Crown Heights has potential, but I’m not buying here till I know that things are getting more stabel. maybe people are driving up the rents and that makes this place look “better” than it is, but t his is still a concern to say the least

    • 17. Money wrote:

      Just admit you don’t have the money to buy in Crown Heights, and stop making other excuses.

    • 18. Supply & Demand wrote:

      Rents are up because people want to live in Brooklyn, not because landlords randomly “drive up rents”

  • 20. To number 14 wrote:

    Could not agree with you more. It’s way past its due date to have elections. I am sure that the Vaad Hakohol will help out if people were to demand elections now!

  • 21. Moishe pipek wrote:

    What would elections do? would the community council patrol the streets and arrest killers?. Just another way to blame someone else and to create a mahloikes.


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