5-year-old Lured in Crown Heights, Suspect Arrested

Police have arrested Abraham Samotin, a 26 year old Jewish man from Crown Heights, for luring and committing a heinous assault against a 5-year-old girl – the very same day he was released from jail after an arrest for felony burglary.

by CrownHeights.info

Abraham Samotin, a 26-year-old Jewish resident of Crown Heights, was arrested by police and charged with committing a sexual assault against a 5-year-old girl in a basement stairwell in the neighborhood. The degree of the charges reveals the assault to be exceptionally heinous.

The assault took place on Wednesday, May 16th and he was arrested the following day by police officers in the 77th precinct.

At his arraignment on Friday Judge Adam Perlmutter ordered he be held on $150,000 bail – which was not posted.

According to the complaint Samotin lured the girl from her home into an outdoor basement stairwell where he committed the assault. The two had never met before, and authorities suspect that there may additional victims.

Samotin has been in and out of jail, revolving door style, despite a number of the arrests being serious in nature.

One of those arrests was on a charge of burglary in the second degree, a class c felony which alone carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a minimum of three and a half years in prison, for which he was arrested last week, on May 14th.

Worse, Judge Joseph McCormack saw it fit to free Samotin without bail on May 16th despite the seriousness of the charges. That same day Samotin would go on to allegedly assault the 5-year-old girl.

Anyone with information about this incident or any incidents involving Samotin is asked to call the NYPD’s 24 hour Rape Hotline at 1-212-267-7273. All calls are kept strictly confidential.


  • 1. Shame on this city for releasing him over and over and over agin! wrote:

    Shame on this city for releasing him over and over and over agin!

  • 2. failed wrote:

    the city and our justice system failed this miserable soul, and in turn irreparably damaged a 5-year-old girl. shame shame.

  • 3. We don’t have leaders wrote:

    Shame on this Crown Heights community for not nurturing one of their own, and allowing a tomim growing up in our system to become like this.

    • 4. Baruch wrote:

      Sorry, this is not Crown Heights problem.
      One can only get help if they wish to get help.
      He needs to he locked up behind bars!

    • 6. Don't judge wrote:

      Please don’t rush to judgement on the ch community.
      I know personally of people going the extra many miles to help him, he needed major professional help.
      He would constantly bite the hand that fed him, by destroying property in yagdil Torah and lefferts shul.
      So please don’t go around accusing a WHOLE community without doing proper חקירה ודרישה .

  • 7. blame everyone else wrote:

    why is everyone shaming some organisation??
    shame on HIM thats it.

  • 8. To #3 wrote:

    Can’t blame everything on the community. Perhaps his parents should step up to the plate for the dysfunction in raising him.

  • 11. Resident wrote:

    Can I know which idiot of a landlord rented to him on Troy right here in our midst ?! Are we that eager for money

    • 12. Chaim wrote:

      Unfortunately yes.
      Many Jews sold out and are still selling out CH. Many of them are our self imposed “leaders”.
      There are those who would sell their mothers for a dollar. Sad.

    • 13. Shame on this city for releasing him over and over and over agin! wrote:

      Who said someone rented to him? @Chaim sold out to who? He’s a Chabad kid..

  • 14. one of our kids needs help wrote:

    He needs help, rehab and counselling and I wish
    the right kind people would know how to help.

    • 15. Thank you wrote:

      Thank you for posting a comment after considering the unfortunate facts. He really needs help. I don’t know what is possible. In the current situation he poses a threat to society and probably to himself.

  • 16. Anonymous wrote:

    The fake “”justice” system failed just as much as “leader$$$$$”

  • 17. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    I guess that erupting volcano in Hawaii can use another creep drop-in but at the very least people who tamper with children ought to be whipped until the blood runs.

  • 18. G-Ds lawyer wrote:

    G-D will be in the field in the near future, and we plan on holding a town committee. One of the questions being posed will ask why part of his genius plan he made such a strong man go through so much pain and suffering to the point of, what appears to be, complete brokenness.

  • 19. The child needs help wrote:

    There needs to be in place help for children who are attacked. Unfortunately there are several of these kind of perps in our communit;y.

  • 20. Unlce Mendel wrote:

    Where did this guy hang out, 770? I don’t recognize his face. Where did he come from? Where did he live?

  • 21. mentally ill wrote:

    He needs real psychological help and medication. The G building is where he may be evaluated. His parents are not able to be involved.


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