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2 Arrested After Violent Attack on Jewish Student

A Jewish man was violently assaulted and robbed by two black men as he walked on President Street in the heart of Crown Heights. Vigilant police officers together with Shomrim volunteers managed to apprehend both suspects.


A Jewish rabbinical student was brutally assaulted and robbed by two black men as he was walking on President Street near Albany Avenue on his way home at around midnight.

The victim, 22, was walking from 770 to his apartment when he felt like he was being followed and decided to try and cross the street. He then noticed that in addition to being followed, another person was coming towards him the opposite direction.

When he attempted to turn around he was grabbed and the two assailants together threw him up against a car and began pummeling him and punching him in his face and body. In his hands the victim had an empty charity box which was knocked from his hands and rolled under a car.

As the assault was going on the victim yelled for help, he yelled so loud in fact that the beating relented for a moment and he managed to break free and flee back towards Kingston Avenue.

The father of the victim told “they didn’t demand anything from him, all they wanted was to hurt him, to take his life,” and added “my son was lucky [that a police officer] who understood Hebrew just happened to be passing by that intersection and saw my son running for his life.”

Seeing someone running as the victim did, the officer understood that something must be amiss and decided to confront one of the two black men that was nearby, who said that he was “just talking to a Jewish guy who tried to rob him,” when a Jewish woman who heard the cries for help came out of her home and yelled to the officers “its him, he beat him up!”

The officers quickly took the suspect into custody while calling for other officers to pursue the second suspect, who was easily apprehended two blocks away at Schenectady Avenue. Police discovered that both suspects were in possession of knives, and one had a pipe wrench as well.

In the meantime, upon reaching the yeshiva dormitory at 1414 President Street, the victim called Crown Heights Shomrim and informed them that he was attacked. Other patrolling Shomrim volunteers noted the police activity and the apprehension of the two individuals and put the story together, reaching out to the police and helping to put them in touch with the victim and offer translation services until NYPD personnel became available.

The suspects, both Black, we identified as being 19 and 20 years of age. One had a single prior arrest and the other had multiple priors. They were both charged with assault and robbery.

The victim suffered bruising near his eye.

“The police did a phenomenal job, but Officer Wanunu and his partner Officer Fahad deserve an extra mention,” said a coordinator of Shomrim, “they displayed great instincts and took the time to listen to people that came to them with information and acted on it quickly, leading to the best possible outcome in this very bad situation.”


  • 1. chaya wrote:

    so now are we going toget cops sitting at every corner or is this just gonna keep happining

    • 2. Nope... wrote:

      …just the usual “dog and pony show” portable NYPD surveillance tower with bright lights for about a week, at the scene of the crime.

      Then the tower goes “on tour” to its next location and it’s back to business as usual at the scene of this crime.

      It’s enough to make you sick! (I wish I was wrong about the above!)

  • 3. Good wrote:

    Thanks to the quick thinking officers and shomrim for a job well done.

  • 4. Bitachon Frum Defense. wrote:

    chjcc. SELF- DEFENSE program. Learn to protect yourself and your family.Classes for boys 6-9years at 6pm.Boys 9-12years at 7p.m.Teens at 8.15p.m. Classes for men. Personal lessons.718 288 2947. at 899 Montgomery

    • 5. SelF Defense for girls wrote:

      I’d like to see self defense for girl but only see boys and men. We ladies need to be able to protect ourselves too

    • 7. Anonymous wrote:

      We do not and should not make statements like this. We all have to learn to live together peacefully. How would you like if we said where is Hitler when you need one!!!
      We are all here to live and love each other. There is good and bad in every race and nationality.

    • 8. Debra Griffin wrote:

      We do not and should not make statements like this. We all have to learn to live together peacefully. How would you like if we said where is Hitler when you need one!!!
      We are all here to live and love each other. There is good and bad in every race and nationality. We do not want another Crown Heights riot!!!

    • 9. DUDE wrote:

      Comments like this are offensive and outrageous and have no place in civil discourse – let alone coming from a (supposedly) chasidisher yid.

  • 10. Worried wrote:

    We must have the cops patrolling our streams constantly , many cars driving around etc , these perps must know that they will be arrested , don’t wait until a life is lost .

  • 12. Great job! wrote:

    Thank you for acknowledging the officers by name. I want to personally go down to the precinct myself to thank them. We need more cops like them; smart, motivated, courageous and quick.

  • 13. Bitachon Frum Defense. wrote:

    Yesterday, the first session of the program for the elderly, THE PSYCHOLOGICAL PREPARATION AND PHYSICAL REFLECTION OF THE SURPRISE ATTACK was held. All the participants were surprised-it turns out to run away and scream, this must be learned.

  • 14. Idea wrote:

    In subways they have call stations to alert police.
    Perhaps these should also be stationed all over crown heights.
    A protest is in order.

  • 15. Collective Action wrote:

    Collective action is needed in terms of voting in democratic primary and then asking CHJCC to make a public statement asking for more cops at the local precinct, more cops on the street, and more surveillance cameras.

    Do individual Lubavitchas care enough about their fellow Jews to vote and demand action, or is it ok until this happens to a relative ?

  • 16. dave wrote:

    but de blasio and his lackey sperlin tell us crime is falling.

  • 17. Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher wrote:

    What is it with all of the hand wringing and complaining?!?!
    Why are the Jews of CH always begging for someone ELSE to protect them (“cops on every corner”, “where is George Zimmerman?”)?!?! When are people going to start taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY AND SECURITY?!?! Yes, kudos to the NYPD for doing a good job with the apprehension….. BUT, with the track record of sedentary inaction which the community has so well established, this is going to become a daily occurance! (It’s unfortunately almost already there). These ANIMALS only understand one thing; IMMIDIATE AND OVERWHELMING, VIOLENT BRUTE FORCE!! Getting beaten to a pulp and being lucky enough to stay alive so that you can call the police, have them arrested and enter them into the revolving door “justice” system (where they will be back on the street in under 48 hours to assault, steal, maim or kill all over again) is no solution at all! They are laughing at all of the Jews in CH at how they have “the run of the place”, literally! Where I live, one of these “things” attempted an assault a few years ago on two pre-teen girls one Shabbos morning, while walking past a park on their way to Shul. He rapidly found himself looking down the “business end” of a .45 ACP from a passing community member who was also on his way to shul (yes, there is an eruv, and yes, an untold number of community members legally carry personal firearms at all times for safety). The perpetrator ran for his life! There was of course the police report filed after Shabbos. BUT, long before that, word had already reached the other “elements” in the community that messing with the Jews could result in a sever case of “acute lead poisoning”, and we haven’t had a problem since!! Maybe the CH community should ask the Italians in Bensonhurst for some pointers, and stop voting for the liberal, gun-grabbing politicians who pervade the NY political spectrum. Otherwise, don’t expect anything to change for the better, anytime soon (unless of course Moshiach comes tomorrow Iy”h). Good luck and be safe.

    • 18. Ok wrote:

      Your rant is very nice and all but does not apply to CH, or the five boroughs of NYC which have one of the strictest gun laws in the country. Obtaining a permit to carry is nearly impossible. So while where you live, one may simply obtain a permit if they feel in danger, over here you must rely on
      G-d and the police.

  • 19. Teach them a lesson wrote:

    Prosecute. Make these caught animals a lesson!

  • 20. More potent then pepper spray wrote:

    There is something more potent, cheaper, and readily available than pepper spray. In Israel, when knife and other violence got rampant, they were using Sano oven cleaner. Would the thought of (even mutually) blinding/disfiguring each other make even the bad guys afraid to start something?

  • 21. baya wrote:

    I have a gun and I will personally control our streets of CH Myself and I will shoot if I see any of these creatures even attempting to harm 1 of us. They should all be locked up permanently, preferably well away From USA.

  • 23. Car right there wrote:

    Did that passing car not see what was going on?!?

  • 24. Em wrote:

    To locked and loaded:

    The young girls were walking alone in an area that is on a level of safety that adult men feel the need to carry guns. That sounds crazy too.

  • 25. Anonymous wrote:

    In Yehuda v Shomron, where there are those who attack yidden, yidden applied for gun permits for self defense and obtained them. Even in NYC, the USA 2nd amendment allows every adult to apply for a gun permit even if it takes a year. No reason to wait for a reason to apply for one. Better to have a gun locked at home and never need it or use it (and have the goyim fear us for knowing we have it) than to need it and not have it. Self defense is a mitzvah and we are not to bring mace to a knife fight or rely on miracles. Trust in Hashem, but all others pay cash. Do yourself a favor and apply for a gun permit.

  • 26. Ahavasyisroel wrote:

    We have to stop depending on police anymore. If you don’t have a gun permit, get a stick or knife. Learn krav maga or mma. Do some hishtadlus

  • 27. RG wrote:

    Crown Heights has been a cesspool & is the armpit as far back as I remember .My parents used to live their when it was a good area ,they said that you could not find an empty bench on Shabbis ,then came the 70s & 80s ,i barely remember the danger of savages roaming the streets & people getting mugged & robbed all the time .The area was Eastern Parkway -Lefferts or Sterling & no one would dare walk beyond & if they did they would not come out in one piece.The last 10-15 years has thankfully brought about gentrification with clueless hipsters loving the cool architecture & cheaper than Manhattan rents flock to parts of CH .Chabad gas been their forever ,however as this type of crime perpetuates itself the hipsters will leave (many are victims of crime ,just keep it under wrap).How do I know all of this .I am one of the landlords of many properties in the area & am seeing gentrification slow down ,as Franklin area is the hub .Utica began gentrification around Fulton & is not spreading to Eastern Parkway as many thought .This Mayor is working against gentrification & is planting homeless all over to reverse the tide .I do not have a conclusion what can transpire in the future ,it could go either way ,however the gentrification process towards Brownsville outside of Bushwick has not transpired & that worries me .

    • 28. Legion wrote:

      Are you pro gentrification and against housing for homeless?

  • 29. crown heights resident since 1981 wrote:

    The Rebbe said: carrying around a chitas and a pushka is a segulah for protection.

    Some chitas cases have a small pocket to put tzedokah money into it.


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