Police Identify Suspect in Jewish Man’s Beating, has Over 40 Priors

Police have identified 40-year-old James Vincent, who reportedly has over 40 prior arrests, as the suspect in the anti-Semitic attack on Rabbi Menachem Moskowitz, on Saturday afternoon. Vincent was charged Friday afternoon with a slew of hate crimes and drug possession.

by CrownHeights.info

James Vincent, 40, was charged with assault as a hate crime, strangulation as a hate crime and unlawful possession of marihuana. He has over 40 priors including illegal possession of a firearm, drug possession, turnstile jumping, and unlicensed operation of a vehicle.

According court records, at the time of his arrest he had seven separate and ongoing criminal cases stemming from prior arrests.

Sources told CrownHeights.info that Vincent’s address is listed in the Bronx, but his last arrest came when he was driving a vehicle without a license or registration in East New York.

Though he was identified earlier this week detectives waited for him at Brooklyn Criminal Court on Schermerhorn Street, where he was due to make an appearance on four of his cases. He was taken into custody and brought to the 71st Precinct where he was interrogated.

Sources said that Vincent confessed to the beating.


  • 1. Before you start complaining wrote:

    Before you start complaining about the district attorney letting this dangerous guy back on the street, keep in mind that the DA is elected.
    Do you vote? If not, you have no right to complain because you do nothing to help the community. We don’t need big mouth whiners.

  • 2. The DA lets criminals out on the street wrote:

    But he’s elected by the people.
    Whoever in C.H. doesn’t vote can’t complain now, instead you can blame yourself.

  • 3. Blame yourself wrote:

    The district attorney releases these people.
    Did you vote against him? Do you vote at all?
    No? So look in the mirror and complain.

  • 4. mapping our street cameras wrote:

    This event teaches us two important points:

    The first point I’d like to mention is relating to the police department. It is known that when the police decided to put an effort to gain resources towards an objective, they tend to have the job done. The second point is the police rellied on people’s private cameras to follow the suspects path before and after the beating. They knocked on almost every door of the suspect’s escape path to retrieve the video footage, trying to identify him and locate the place that he came from.
    I would like to use this opportunity and speak about the value of mapping our street cameras to a centralized data center that will allow fast video retrieving in a time of need such as this one. This is an initiative that must be orchestrated by Community leaders.

    Let us create a deterrent environment that will aid in creating a safer and more secured community

  • 5. Neil M. Klein wrote:

    Will the Jews, “religious” & “secular” ever learn??? It’s now or never let the James Vincent’s of this world in the dustbin!!! Make aliya!!! While still residing outside of Israel learn Krav Maga & learn how to use firearms!!!

  • 7. Mo wrote:

    Why should the city get away with letting someone like this on the street again he should sue the the city

  • 8. Interrogated wrote:

    I hope the police read him his rights before they interrogated him, or it’s not going to be usable in Court.

  • 9. They should... wrote:

    …have him learn books of the sheva mitzvos while in jail……learn a trade so he will not resort to drugs..get good psychological help

  • 10. Absurd wrote:

    To #’s 1, 2, 3 et. al.

    Your argument is absurd.

    These “elected officials” took an oath to protect all citizens regardless of race, creed, religion, party affiliation, or whether someone voted for them, or not.

    To suggest otherwise demeans not only their reputation, but just fuels divisiveness and distrust.

    It may be true that they are biased, but who is to say that it is because of party affiliation? A simple look at the statements and votes of some of our current “officials”, that were supported by this community, reveals bias and even anti-Semitism.

    I do not “vote” for police officers, or firefighters but I fully expect them to carry out their responsibilities regardless.

    Yes, one should vote.

    But, I would argue that it is just as important to make our voice heard through lawful protests and complaint.

  • 12. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Too Much left wing liberalism and political correctness in new York; otherwise, this guy should have doing hard time with his track record. As long as New York keeps voting these Democratic let wing liberals and advocates of political correctness into office, expect this





  • 15. Jay from LI wrote:

    Rank and file firefighters and police officers are not elected, and we therefore expect them to do their duty.
    However, police chiefs, D.A.s can make discretionary decisions based on politics, because that’s partly how they got their job. That’s why the press conference was important in making this a high profile case which got attention and police resources.
    Nevertheless, the elected officials give millions to special interests but nothing to fight crime.
    Perhaps the CHJCC PAC can organize a raffle to register people to vote in the upcoming democratic primary so they can demand funds for Jewish interests.What

  • 17. Estée wrote:

    I know the Moskowitz’s nicest family!!
    This Vincent man really needs to do some Teshuva, NO EXCUSES!
    This is redicuolous!

  • 20. mm331 wrote:

    we can be on the verge of socialized medicine system, but what about the quality and responsibility of our court/criminal system ??

  • 21. schx wrote:

    someone should be responsible. After that long criminal record, it would be clear that he isnt fit to be out in public to freely walk around, when he is so out of control. Something has to be done about that.
    where were, and are, the social workers and everyone else who should have assessed this case??


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