Jewish Man Brutally Assaulted Friday Night

A Jewish man was brutally assaulted by a group of five black men and women while walking on Eastern Parkway on Friday night. Police are investigating the attack as possibly being motivated by bias.


A Jewish man was brutally assaulted as he walked along Eastern Parkway with another Jewish man on Friday night near Brooklyn Avenue.

According to police, the 42-year-old victim was accosted by the group at around 3:30am. He was approached by one of the assailants who asked “do you want to fight?” and began kick and punching him with others joining in the attack.

Hearing screams coming from the street, one resident looked out her window and witnessed the brutal scene and immediately called Shomrim, who arrived within minutes and discovered blood all over the sidewalk but no victims present.

Dozens of police officers also responded to the area and could not locate the victim, who unbeknown to the first responders made his way to 770 where he used the dedicated Hatzalah phone to call for medical help.

One Shomrim volunteer realized that the blood left a trail and followed it all the way to 770, where they located the victim, who was already being treated by Hatzalah. He was later transported to an area hospital for treatment and was released.

After Shabbos, Shomrim located the witness who related that she heard screaming from the street and when she looked out her window she saw a group of five, 3 black men and 2 woman, attacking the two Jewish men – one of whom was lying on the ground.

Following the assault the group fled down the parkway towards New York Avenue.

Police said that the victim declined to ride with police on Shabbos or open an investigation. After the conclusion of Shabbos the victim went into the 71st precinct to follow up, and a possible bias investigation has been opened.

This story has been updated to reflect police opening a bias investigation, and that only one victim was assaulted while walking with a friend.


    • To all the C.H. non-voters:

      Thank you for being “too busy” to vote, or using the worthless “it won’t make a difference” excuse.
      You know who causes the NYPD (and their politician bosses) not to care about us? Look in the mirror and find out.

    • NYPD fills ticket quotas

      They’re too busy filling ticket quotas to focus on actually keeping Brooklyn safe.

    • NYPD? HA HA!!!

      Show the NYPD a ticket opportunity, they’ll be there in two minutes.
      A Jew was beaten up? Yawn…

    • Disagree

      on the corner of President Street and Utica Ave a police car hunting Jewish cars who make a left turn from utica to President. at the same time there is a Jungle of double parked cars by the non Jewish Restaurant and unpaid meter parking But thy Cant see it or tiket it

    • NYPD??? Hello???

      To those who missed it, “highly effective” was meant to be read with air quotes. I thought it was obvious but I guess I should have put the quotes nonetheless.

  • I think this is from outside

    my brain works overtime sometimes– but I think this might be from outside agitators.
    the really bad guys are disappointed –
    what they wanted was a full blown riot in Crown Heights after the fatal shooting of a black man holding a gun look alike.
    The neighborhood people all understood the validity of that unfortunate shooting. The black people were the ones being terrorized and they called the police.
    The outside agitators wanted this to turn into a riot and because it did not they might be sending in goons to create a unrest. Just my humble thoughts.

  • Yaacov Yudewitz - The Double Y

    1) Make the city council provide funds for more cops on Friday and Saturday night
    2) Make the city council provide more funds for police cameras.
    3) If every Jew of voting in Crown Heights (Republican or Democrat) said that they would vote in the Democratic primary, you would have at least 10,000 votes, who would block vote, and who would be the swing vote, who would wield much power, which translates into a demand for Jewish interests.
    4) The block vote can be decided by a Jewish primary pre-dating the democratic primary based upon issues with an outside group handling voting by mobile phone or computer
    5) Voting raffles with cash prizes would incentivize turnout
    6) The Jewish mochas who have conflicts should step aside ( real estate developers and anyone getting govt money directly and indirectly through non-profits) – I hope that isn’t everyone
    7) We start with one or two shuls having raffles…and being the example..
    8) The Rebbe said Jews should vote – and Jews should be linked and joined – strength in numbers
    9) Double Y will be contacting two shuls soon and offering a raffle donation to start

    • Doesn't matter for who. Just VOTE. Period.

      If all C.H. residents voted, you can be 100% sure that the NYPD and elected officials would listen to us and care about our concerns including safety and security.
      Since most residents don’t vote, Crown Heights almost doesn’t exist in their eyes.
      And it’s OUR fault! (Not mine cause I vote in every election. But you guys out there.)

  • @2

    you must be new to nyc. if, as you think nothing else, just filling a report affects crime stats which alone can effect you daily life.

    • Not so easy

      The police take notes, and write the actual report later. You have to go to the Precint to get your report number and send away for the report, and then guess what…. Half the details you gave are not there! Tell them you were forcefully physically pushed and bruised, and the report comes back as harrassed?!?
      A friend was being stalked and threatened for weeks, and the report was “Harrasment”.
      But at least they wrote a report.
      Sometimes there is no report to be found at all.
      So please, if you were a victim, make sure you follow up. Get the report, and PRESS CHARGES. or it never happened.

  • Tired of Jews Being Beaten Up

    This can’t go on, these attack seem to become more and more frequent. We need a program for self defense courses in this neighborhood. In the case of the 12 year old who got ganged attacked a while ago, his self defense classes most likely prevented more serious injuries. Although NYPD is trying to get to the bottom of this, we also have a responsibility to show these animals (no disrespect to animals!) That we are not the Jews of the 1930s…



  • crown heights resident since 1981

    The Rebbe said that carrying around a Chitas & a Pushka is a סגולה (segula) for protection.

    For Example: A chitas cover with a tiny Pocket for tzedokah

    • reply to "It was Shabbos"

      If you are careful to carry around a Chitas & a Pushka during the other 6 days of the week.

      This segulah will protect you on Shabbos when carrying is forbidden.

  • Shaking Head

    At times like this, I look at how NYS Jessie Hamilton championed the “Raise the Age” democratic bill which decriminalized many crimes for 16 and 17 year olds who will now be referred to family court. So instead of a knock out attack by a 17 yr old perp resulting in a misdemeanor hate crime, its going to be video games and hot chocolate after family court.


    You don’t vote? Guess why the politicians (especially those who control the NYPD, but even others) and the District Attorney (who lets these animals free when they’re caught) don’t care about what Crown Heights wants?

  • Don't vote? Don't complain!

    If everyone voted it would make our elected officials tell the NYPD to take our security seriously.
    Since C.H. doesn’t vote, what can you expect?

  • To all those writing that we should vote:

    You’re one thousand percent right on!

  • Democratic Primary Numbers

    Sept 2017 Democratic Primary Results
    City Council – 35th District

    Dem Primary Winner – Laurie Cumbo – 10,421 Votes
    Dem Primary Loser – Edie Fox 7549 Votes

    Voting Margin – 2872 Votes

    Source – 09/12/2017 – Board of Elections State and Return Report for Certification – Primary Election 09/12/2017 =Kings County Democratic Party – 35th District – NYC Board of Elections

    So whether you consider yourself a Democrat or Republican, one can register with only one party, which should be as a Democrat so you can block vote in the Democratic primary and then vote for the Republican Candidate in the General Election for Governor or President. While anyone can vote in the general elections, only registered party members can vote in the primary (@ #11 – you are correct)

    Increased Jewish voting means more funds for cops, cameras, more empty public schools being turned into Yeshivas, more affordable housing for larger families, and more govt money for Jewish “Cultural” entities, as opposed to religious which would be a funding problem.

    However, Jews will only vote if they believe their leaders are menches and not corrupt Its only 30 minutes every year to vote in the democratic primary.

    “The Double YY”

  • Yosef Shomron

    LOL – y’all live in Crown Heights and think the police will prevent black on Jew violence. Do you not see that you are soft targets for “the fellas”. Time to make aliyah and live in your own country

  • Praying for peace in Crown Heights

    The Rebbe said clearly that more police and more prisons will NOT help our society!!!! He said to spread awareness of the Noahide Laws (which the Rambam says is our obligation as Jews) and Moment of Silence. Who’s willing to fund Noahide flyers? Many Gentiles in Crown Heights are willing, ready and wanting to learn the Noahide laws. Who’s ready to teach them?