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Clueless Mugger Attempts Knifepoint Robbery on Shabbos

A clueless mugger attempted to rob a Jewish man at knifepoint on Friday night on Crown Street, in the ‘heart’ of Crown Heights.


The incident occurred on Crown Street between Kingston and Brooklyn Avenues at around 8:15pm. The victim, a Jewish man in his 30’s, was returning home after escorting his guest back to his residence after a Shabbos evening meal.

Speaking to he described the harrowing ordeal, “as I was walking back home on Crown Street I suddenly noticed a person running up behind me, and when I turned around I saw a man wearing a mask and gloves come up to me.

“He pulled out a knife and put it up in front of my face and demanded my money, so I said I don’t have any. He then demanded my cellphone, and I told him I don’t have one. So he said that I should show him, and I did, I turned out all my pockets.”

The victim said that the ordeal lasted between one and two minutes and that not a single person passed by the area in that time.

“This [wasn’t] his first time doing this, [he] waited for me to reach the dark [and secluded] area before running up behind me,” said the victim. He described the mugger as black, tall and skinny, saying that it was easily distinguishable through the eye and mouth holes of his mask.

When he realized that he was not going to be getting anything from his victim he turned around and fled towards Kingston Avenue.

When he got home he immediately called Shomrim and 911, “I was worried for the safety of others had he gotten upset that they didn’t have any valuables on then on Shabbos.”

Shomrim dispatched over a dozen volunteer’s to scour the area and police took a verbal report. The suspect was not located and there weren’t any other reports of attempted muggings that night.


  • 1. B"H wrote:

    B”H he wasn’t hurt. Same type of thing happened to me on Carroll Street between Kingston and Brooklyn 22 years ago on Shabbos M’vorchim Elul. There were 3 of them who came on bicycles, and one pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. Sure cured my hiccups. But once they realized I wasn’t carrying anything they just left.

  • 2. Moishe pipek wrote:

    Maybe we should put up signs in plain english that jews do not carry things from friday night to saturday night.The potential for trouble is great.

    • 3. DLS wrote:

      Attention Muggers

      Please note that due to Sabbath observance orthodox Jews do not carry ANY valuables on their person from sundown Friday until after sundown Saturday and on Jewish festivals.

      Kindly schedule your muggings accordingly.

      You can download the NYC mugging schedule at where you can download the mugging app free.

      Thank you for keeping our streets organized!

    • 5. baya wrote:

      Excellent – we should also mention in our signs we don’t carry any valuables full stop any day-. might stop them. But, as most are stupid -can they read ? They are all useless filthbags.

    • 7. Cholent Mit Kugel wrote:

      if we had yidden who cared about their neighbors, we would have streets without spilled trash AND sidewalks without snow and ice

  • 10. jdf007 wrote:

    When I went to public school, they spent an amazing amount of time on “diversity” studies. I understand now they have a class that takes an entire year.
    Yet, they do not teach that Jews will not be carrying anything on certain days of the week.
    Where does all that tax money for public schools go?!

  • 11. Western Wife wrote:

    This same failed mugger (Thank Hashem for that) Attempted to mug my husband the same evening around 7:15 near Schenctady/Carroll but my husband scared him off.

    • 13. maybe wrote:

      maybe you should ask a rov if you can call hatzalah too? Idiots like you are the problem

  • 14. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    @10, get real and get a life
    The joys of living in Crown Heights–maybe they should have kosher for shabbos tanks to protect the people

  • 15. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    #19, get real and get a life
    Oh, the joys of living in Crown Heights

    b”H he was luckey–some of these pers could off the deep end if they do not get what they want
    Will this never end-nevermore quotheth the raven!

  • 16. disappointed & disgusted wrote:

    the suspect won’t be located it was only a jew on afriday night nothing happened no interest if he had done something to the mugger then he would be sitting in jail now on a hate crime

    • 17. Cholent Mit Kugel wrote:

      it is YOUR obligation to protect both yourself and your neighbor and friends……. i encourage everyone to be prepared for this type of encounter …… in this type of event you should do what you have to do…. it was the middle of the evening and the victim would disappear into the night JUST AS in the event this Shabbos the aggressor disappeared….. ALWAYS be prepared for whatever….. DO NOT become either a victim or a statistic …. i encourage everyone to be prepared and protect themselves

    • 18. Cholent Mit Kugel wrote:

      i was wittness to a 13 y.o. instigating a 50 y.o. by the time the property mgr a i could get there the man was a deceased victim….. the cameras showed five (5) 13year olds surround the man while a 17 y.o.sucker punched him when he was distracted…… the victim fell back onto his skull and passed away in the parking lot of the complex………..I AM PREPARED and so should you… the sheriff asked me if i thought i could defend myself using a pen….. i own i couple of pens now. one pen is called SIG and the other is called Glock. i also lived in Crown Heights for five hears with a total in Brooklyn of 47 years…..I almost always worked 2nd shift or overnight. If i came back north i would also come protected…….Be a good Boy Scout/Girl Scout and be prepared……………anyway

  • 20. larry wrote:

    a person should report the mugger since it is a sekona nefashot. Even a suffek sekona nefashot a person is to bread the shabbos.

  • 21. Shmuel wrote:

    This past Friday night I also had someone with this description approach me and try to mug me. I plan on going down to the police station and filing a report so that they can step up on the Shabbos security.

  • 22. Bitachon Frum Defense. wrote:

    It makes sense to organize the program SHABBES GOY SECURITY GUARD?


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