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Siblings Concocted Tall Tale About Stalker

The story about a creep who stalked two siblings in Crown Heights, turns out to be a complete fabrication. Turns out that the siblings concocted the tall tale because they were mad at their baby sitter, but their story did not hold up once police took a closer look and a supposed suspect turned himself in.

by New York Daily News

Cops said Monday night that an 8-year-old girl and her brother fabricated the elaborate plot and pinned the blame on an innocent man seen standing outside their Crown Heights home over the weekend.

Their story fell apart hours after police shared surveillance footage of the man — and that man turned himself into the 69th precinct disputing the damning claims.

The children capped their disturbing fiction to police by claiming the suspect left a note for them to find.

“Watch out. I am watching you!! Your daughter is cute,” the note read.

The kids soon recanted, and sources said the tricksters pulled the smear stunt because they were mad at their babysitter as their mother and NYPD detective dad were on vacation.

Police shared the following account early Monday in a desperate attempt to track down the man, but were unable to explain who discovered the note and where their parents were at the time of the encounters.

The girl first claimed Friday that she saw the predator following her and hiding between cars near Eastern Parkway and Brooklyn Ave. as she walked to her school bus stop with a friend around 8:30 a.m., cops said. He bolted as the girl arrived at the bus stop where other parents lingered.

The falsehoods thickened as her brother claimed he saw the same man hours later, as he took the bus home from school. The suspect tried flagging down the bus in an attempt to pick him up, the boy said.

He claims the bus matron thwarted the suspect and threatened to call the police.

From there, the girl spotted the sicko again at 7 p.m. “on the second step of her residence ducking down and taking pictures of the interior of the house,” according to police.

The girl approached the suspect, who asked the little girl where she sleeps and who she lives with. She refused to answer and he ran off toward Nostrand Ave., authorities said initially.

The kids said the suspect returned on Saturday, this time approaching the boy around 11 a.m. and asking similar scary questions about his parents and where he sleeps.

The victims claimed they later discovered the menacing note in their mailbox.

Surveillance footage released by police showed the supposed stalker arriving in a white four-door sedan, exiting the ride and staring at the home.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said the man who surrendered to police appeared to be the man in the video.

“It’s really preliminary right now but we’ll talk to him further and see exactly what he was intending,” Boyce said Monday morning, before the story was debunked.


  • 2. cmmt wrote:

    the kids must want their mom at home.
    women should make their professions close to home or in the home.

  • 3. shlomo wrote:

    it’s just result of unbalanced education work in the US generally. I remember the story that people call the police for someone make kids mivtzoim 12 psukim. because “some stranger give to kids sweet stuff”))
    generally, every woman educated in the US SURE that every man is at least dangerous if not raper or murderer. every one even really stupid knows how to stop unwanted contact or ask for protection etc. but no one really, in general, us feminine population does not know what to do if contact WANTED)))))
    result -44% NYC woman never was and never will be married(statistically). it’s not about our community, but we take this programs w/o adaptation so it’s obviously can harm to us too
    P.S.pretty sure that this man desrv compensation from parents by court


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