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Woman Arrested After Taking Baby from 770

A 27-year-old Jewish woman was arrested after she took a baby from a stroller in the women’s section in 770. Police apprehended the woman nearby and returned the baby to his mother.

The incident occurred at around 8:45 this morning, the 1-year-old baby boy was in his stroller in the women’s sections of 770 Eastern Parkway – the Lubavitch World Headquarters, and his 26-year-old mother left him briefly to go to the bathroom.

Upon returning she discovered that her child was missing. Quickly, she ran out onto the balcony and began screaming.

Police officers stationed at the nearby mobile command center heared the commotion and walked over. After hearing from the young mother – who is visiting from France – they began searching for the woman with the baby.

Police located her just a block away as she was apparently making her way back to the synagogue.

The woman was taken into custody and police sources say that she appears to be suffering from schizophrenia. She was arrested and taken to the R building at Kings County Hospital. The baby and his mother were reunited and appears to have not suffered any injuries.



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