12-Year-Old Gang Assaulted in Brazen Parkway Attack

SEE IT: A 12-year-old Jewish boy was brutally assaulted by a group of black pre-teens in a brazen attack on Friday night along Eastern Parkway. Family members miffed by the inaction of many police officers.

by CrownHeights.info Staff

A 12-year-old Jewish boy was violently assaulted as he was walking home along Eastern Parkway, just across the street from 770 and as dozens of witnesses were out and about. The attack came suddenly and unprovoked by a group of 7 or 8 black youth.

Speaking to CrownHeights.info, the victim’s father explained that his son was walking home between the Mincha and Maariv prayers – around 7:00pm on Friday night – when he noticed that a large group was walking behind him and acting rowdy.

“My son said that he understood something was going to happen and as he was thinking what he should do, they suddenly pounced with one of them slapping him so hard that he fell to the ground, while a second one hitting him in the head,” said the father.

“Thankfully my son had taken some self-defense courses and knew to protect his head and cover-up,” said the father, adding that it likely prevented any serious injury.

As the group passed by one bent down and offered his hand to victim and said to him “get up kid” and walked away.

When the victim arrived home and told his mother what had happened together they immediately went across the street to the large contingent of police officers and attempted to report the attack, though officers responded that they could not help them since the attacked occurred on the 77th Precinct’s side, that it was not really an assault since the victim was not seriously injured, and that they needed to call 911.

Unrelenting, they walked down the block to Brooklyn Avenue and there pleaded with offices for help, those officers relented and informed that the officers from the 77th precinct would be arriving at their house shortly.

Over an hour later officers from the 77th Precinct did arrive and spoke with the victim and filled out a report.

After the incident a non-Jewish neighbor approached the boy’s father and told him that she had seen the group hanging around and it seemed that they were up to no good, running in front of people and shouting at them.

Today, Sunday, the victim’s father reached out to community activists the police department kicked the incident up to Special Victims Unit, which investigates suspected hate crimes, and detectives reached out to the victim’s family in order to follow up on the report.

“My son takes a self-defense course, and using that knowledge he was able to defend and protect himself,” said the victim’s father. “What’s disturbing is that this occurred on Eastern Parkway, with many extra cops out, extra flood lights, lots of foot traffic, and all that didn’t deter these kids,” he added.

“If one good thing was to come from this incident, perhaps [the police] needs to coordinate and get a group of cops from the 77th to be a presence on the opposite side as well.”

One day after the attack the victim reported feeling sore, but thankfully did not need any medical attention.


  • Anonymous

    Typical lazy nyc cops and in this Deblasio days, these “minority” youth are the victims. The cops just want overtime. Time for the Riverdale jcrc to come in and make a phony unity rally.

  • bbb

    deblasio has not yet shown his dedication to the people of this city. what is he doing ???

    • read

      the article says “across from 770” and “near kingston ave”

      so lets use some logic… could it be between kingston and brooklyn?

  • ch resident

    something is off. Please remind me y r the police on eastern pkwy? Just to look busy or to protect us? Unfortunately i am being very serious!

  • Milhouse

    it was not really an assault since the victim was not seriously injured,

    Whichever policeman said that needs to be reported for retraining in the law. Not only doesn’t assault require any kind of injury, it doesn’t even require physical contact. The definition of assault is a credible threat of imminent bodily harm or offensive contact. Swinging a fist at someone’s face, even if you deliberately miss, is assault, because he thought you were about to hit him. (“Credible” and “imminent” are both important. A threat that a reasonable person would not take seriously is not an assault, and neither is a threat of harm at some future time.)

  • You are living in a war zone

    No, I’m not saying leave CH – yet – but I am saying there is a lot more that can be done to protect Jews. Forget “community leaders” – they are less than useless. A group of residents, including women, retirees, Shomrim, educators (in other words, not just the rich or “influential”) should demand a meeting with the police commissioner. You need to put together statistics, photos & statements. PROVE that the violence is escalating and that it IS Black on white crime.

    If you don’t organize and do this properly, without the involvement of Dov Hikind, Shea Hecht or Sperlin etc, someone will, cvs, be killed. Don’t you care? This was a kid! Next time, it could be yours.

  • Why not tell police by 770

    The child should have immediately reported it to the police by 770 at the time even on shabbos. Also if it wasnt shabbat when it happened 911 should have been called as it may get better results than going to police station

  • anonymous

    whoever took the video why didn’t they go and get the police, and also they should of called Shomreim instead of just taking pictures

  • 77th Precint??? 71st Precint??

    Doesn’t Their Sheild Say “City Of New York”
    Bad exuse to abandon a citizen