Thieves Break Into Basil, Steal Safe and Cash Register

Last night, Basil, an upscale dairy restaurant in Crown Heights, was broken into and ransacked by thieves, who made off with the cash register and safe.

Sources told that on that particular day the safe held an unusually large amount of cash – nearly $30,000 – but that thankfully the manager emptied it before closing up that day, pointing to the possibility that this robbery was an inside job by someone who was aware of the contents of the safe.

Other than the empty safe, the thieves made off with the eatery’s cash register and iPads.

The robbery was committed by at least two perpetrators with masks over their faces, one of whom stood outside as a lookout.

Officers from the NYPD’s 77th Precinct have inspected the crime scene and are investigating.


  • 1. parnoso from Hashem wrote:

    Doing construction on Shabbos or playing with halacha is surely not the way to make cash. May basil rectify their ways and make much parnoso.

    • 2. Ch'er wrote:

      We aren’t a judge or jury. Your thoughts are known. But at times like this it isn’t the place for it. A private email would of been a better choice.
      However. Once your comment is out there. We rely on the judgments of the owners to do what is appropriate. Notfor us to say publicly.

    • 3. Food Stamps wrote:

      As long as we aren’t stigmatizing struggling families using government benefits to survive it should all remain private

  • 4. Feigie Broner wrote:

    That’s awful. I hope they figure out who was behind this. Check Mezuzah?

  • 5. Sound fishy wrote:

    Seems to me that there is something of a conspiracy going on. First they lose hashgocho now a robbery. Someone wants to get rid of Basil permanently.

  • 10. Bubbe Maaseh wrote:

    They should check their mezuzos and mehader in kashrus and shmiras Shabbos.

  • 13. disappointed wrote:

    definitely not Random especially on Kingston Avenue. One stood outside with a ski mask in this weather? & no one noticed or ca;;ed pd Shomrim? Shmirah? a baby sitter? had to be inside knowledge what they stole is stupidity & won’t sell easy its sheer greed & maybe revenge or as stated looking to put them out of business. No one should patronize them until they have a proper hechsher in this day & age self certification is a word for shortcuts etc.

  • 14. Pinchos Woolstone wrote:

    Basil has wonderful food and ambiance.
    May we all be blessed with both excellent health and livelihood.
    Good Shabbos

  • 15. Chaya murrell wrote:

    What chutzpah i love this restaurant. When ever we go visit my in laws in crown heights they always take us to basil and the staff is so polite and friendly

  • 16. Appalled at some of these comments wrote:

    Why is it that when someone has something happen like this, the Mussar vultures come out and declare how they had it coming to them due to their imperfections in mitzvah observance?

    G-d forbid that something like this should happen to you, and then the pointing fingers come out, expounding on your mere humanness being the supposed “reason” it happened to you!

    Don’t you know there’s a Hashem, whose logic is not necessarily the same brilliant, erudite thing that yours is? In fact, you are no match for Hashem’s logic concerning what happens or doesn’t happen to a person.

    If you accusers are chasidim of the Rebbe, well, I don’t know what else to say here….

  • 17. Sorry to hear wrote:

    I wish we can all just wish well to our fellow Jew. Its a shame this happened and Hashem will take care of the theives if the system doesnt.

    -friends of the Jews

  • 18. georgettabelanger wrote:

    Do you have any video of that? I’d like to find out more details.


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