Jewish Man Pistol-Whipped, Robbed in Miami

On Thursday night, an Orthodox-Jewish father of two was accosted by a pair of teens who robbed and brutally assaulted him outside his home in North Miami Beach, Florida.

from WSVN News:

More police officers are patrolling a North Miami Beach neighborhood, Friday night, after Rabbi George Tanev was left bloody and bruised from a robbery that took place during the overnight hours.

Tanev, the father of two children, said he had just finished up his night job as an Uber driver and, upon pulling up and exiting his car near his home on Northeast 170th Street, he was met by a pair of gun-toting teens.

“They come to me and said, ‘Give us everything or we’re gonna shoot you,” he said. “And they pulled out big guns… Each one had one gun.”

The victim said his assailants then pistol-whipped him. “They started hitting me on the head,” Tanev said. “I told them, ‘I have children and this is all my life. I can’t surrender my car.’”

Tanev said the subjects then took off his cash, iPhone and even took his prayer books and other items needed for his rabbinical work.

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  • 1. Locked and loaded Lubavitcher wrote:

    Two to the chest and one to the head……. The police are fine people (for the most part), but the only person that you can count on to protect you when it comes down to it……… is yourself. Jews need to understand that they HAVE to start taking the responsibility of self protection into their own hands. Even as a sitting President, Ronald Regan used to carry his own firearm with him. He was smart enough to understand that even though he was surrounded by a phalanx of secret service agents at all times, “when the chips are down”, he was the only person in the world that he could ultimately count on for his personal safety and security.

  • 2. Really?! wrote:

    How does this advice make sense when these perps had the jump on him already? This is not the movies where miraculously he finds a way to get in multiple shots before the thugs figure it out. He had guns drawn on him already. If he took your advice we would
    have a different announcement on

    • 3. Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher wrote:

      Yes really. If he had taken my advice and applied for and recieved his CCW, purchased a firearm that works well for him, recieved the proper training in it’s use and deployment (IDF Lt. Col. (Ret.) Mikey Hartman, runs an excellent program just outside of Miami through CCA Global / Altair Training – just to mention one in close proximity to the incident), signed up for a CCW carriers litigation protection program (CCW Safe, NRA Carry Guard etc.), and knew what he had to do in the moment to turn the tables on the criminals who managed to “get the drop on him”, then yes, the announcement might have read something like this:
      “Florida Rabbi refuses to be victim and turns tables on two gun wielding assailants who attacked him outside his home, killing one and mortally wounding the other”.
      Putting the criminal world in South Florida and around the world on notice that the Jews are no longer the “sheep” to be preyed on with impunity, but the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who are to be preyed on at one’s own peril of ending up in the ICU or the back of the Medical Examiner’s van……. But he never asked for my advice………
      Stay safe. Moshiach Now!


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