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Woman Assaulted and Robbed on Crown Street

A Jewish woman was assaulted and her purse was stolen while she was walking on Crown Street on Monday evening.

Police responded to a call alerting them to an incident in which a Jewish woman in her 30’s was punched, thrown to the ground and robbed while walking on Crown Street near Brooklyn Avenue at around 10:15pm on Monday evening.

The victim told police that she did not get a good look at her assailant, but described him as possibly being black or Hispanic and around 5’ 9”. He did not say anything to the victim.

Her purse contained important documents and credit cards.

Hatzalah and EMS were called and checked her out at the scene and she refused further medical attention.

A police report was filed and no arrests have been made.


  • 3. #1 pretty stupid comment ... wrote:

    if they grab her Pocket book how would she use her Spray?!


  • 4. Dumb wrote:

    Don’t walk around with a purse – what are you trying to do?! It’s asking to be mugged!! (And of course cover the jewelry too!)

  • 5. H Schwartz wrote:

    This young girl was mugged attack was my daughter from Canada , the nice people of Crown Height supported her until the police came. This person stold her personal belongings and through her down and hurt her . I really hope this investigation doesn’t stop here and brings him to justice. Thank-you for the communities help and support.Mom

  • 6. hard to believe wrote:

    you are blaming the victim?!
    these are animals and crime in NY is escalating
    but of course De Blasio won’t be blamed,..
    somehow I am sure Trump will be blamed.. Sick!
    The world has gone mad and Moshiach is our only hope.
    may it be NOW!!!!!


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