Teen Girl Pushed onto Subway Tracks, Robbed

A group of teenage boys shoved a teenage girl onto the subway tracks before assaulting and robbing her, police said. The incident took place at around 8:00pm last night, Sunday, at the Utica Avenue subway station in Crown Heights.

Police say the victim was waiting on the platform when at least 10 other teens approached her and threw her onto the tracks. She hurt her head when she landed.

While she was on the tracks, two of the perpetrators jumped down after her, assaulted her, and stole her hat, jacket, ID and $20.

Police say the victim may have known her attackers. She was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a complete recovery.

The suspects are still at large.


  • 3. Was the victim a Yid? wrote:

    Is crownheights.info so busy being politically correct that it, too, will not divulge the all-important information about the religion/ethnicity of the victim?

    (Of course, there’s a 99% likelihood that the perpetrators were not Jewish, but that info. would also be helpful and of GREAT interest.)

  • 5. cher wrote:

    the 2 suspects were not caught.how is that possible?nobody saw it?was she able to get back onto the platform before a train arrived or was she still on the tracks when help arrived.did any surveillance cameras catch the act?

  • 6. Crime is down. Huh? wrote:

    She must know them, probably even goes to the same school.
    But she may be terrified to finger them because they or the rest of the gang will come after her after the 24 hrs or so in juvenile lock up.
    The station has cameras. Post the pictures. And question all staff in local schools.


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