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School Security Guard Menaced With Gun in Suspected Hate Crime

A security guard working in front of a Jewish girls’ school in Crown Heights was menaced with a gun by a man in a vehicle as she was assisting with dismissal. The man shouted anti-Jewish remarks before driving away.

The incident occurred at around 4:00pm during dismissal time outside Beis Rivkah – the neighborhood’s largest Jewish girls’ school, located on the corner of Lefferts and Brooklyn Avenues.

The security guard, a non-Jewish man, was helping students safely cross the street when a man in a silver SUV pulled up next to her and pointed a handgun at her while shouting “why are you working for the Jews.”

He then sped away.

Police and Shomrim were at the crime scene soon thereafter, and the incident was referred to detectives from the Hate Crimes Task Force, who are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime and are reviewing surveillance video from the scene.

After being notified about the incident, school administrator Rabbi Benjy Stock immediately arrived at the scene and assisted police with reviewing surveillance video. “You see the car [in the video] and I am confident the police will vigorously investigate this incident in light of its severity,” he said, adding that police informed him they will be adding additional presence at the school.

This article has been updated to reflect the correct gender of the security guard


  • 2. More black anti semitism!! wrote:

    Its was reported that the perp was a black man.
    he’s just expressing what he hears from his black leaders, Louis farrakhan, Jeremiah wright, and others.

  • 3. benji wrote:

    he is the only person in this whole institution that we can really rely on…..

    • 5. Anonymous wrote:

      you shouldn’t and can not shoot someone for saying words which are hateful………….if you are into it, obtain some form of residence in florida and obtain a florida driver’s license…..after a 3 day wait you can take home a gun AND then do foolish behaviors

    • 6. Jason wrote:

      “you shouldn’t and can not shoot someone for saying words which are hateful”

      A firearm is a deterrent, nobody was saying to shoot someone for saying words. Evil people will only back down and respect a threat of equal proportion. If you think owning a gun in a responsible manner is foolish, I suggest you read the US constitution.

  • 8. These are our kids! wrote:

    This should not be tolerated by any means necessary. use the law to the fullest extent to prosecute this person. These are our children we must protect them!
    Lets see what the 71st precinct really does..


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