Cops Arrest 34, Seize Guns, Drugs in Pre-J’ouvert Raid

From PIX 11:

The NYPD arrested 34 people along the J’Ouvert parade route in an effort to prevent another deadly celebration this year.

Police also recovered 10 guns and three pounds of marijuana, cocaine and heroin along where the parade will pass by in Brooklyn, a police source said. The event starts Sunday night into Monday around 2 a.m.

Police confirmed in a press conference that the arrests were part of an operation to keep the upcoming J’Ouvert celebration safe.

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  • 3. Thee rant wrote:

    This blog, “Thee rant”, that they quote should be arrested for instigating violence.

  • 4. How lame. wrote:

    I’m glad the police arrested 34 thugs.
    But there are probably another 34 to 340 known gang members with guns, knives and drugs hanging along the parade route. They are well known to the police, but are free to do their harm because of the weak JUSTICE system that releases these animals every time they are arrested.
    We need tougher laws. Murderers are on the street after 2-3 years but innocent people like Shalom Mordechai continue to suffer even after it’s been proven that the judge was corrupt, and the evidence was fabricated.
    No justice no peace.
    “Chillary” will just extend the rein of CHILLING gang terror.
    Make sure NOT TO VOTE FOR Hillary. We need a repeal of the crazy laws from the past 8 years, not another 4 of the same. Thanks

  • 5. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    To all those anti-second amendment people, the arrested people had permits for these guns????? And, as it was said do these arrested personnel care about the police or the law.


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