Bold Robbery Caught on Surveillance Video

The frightening moment a Yeshiva student was robbed at knifepoint by two perpetrators on Albany Ave. and Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights Sunday night was vividly caught on surveillance video, which was obtained by

In the video, two African-American males can be seen passing the student on Albany Ave., and then turning around and following him up the street towards Eastern Parkway.

One of the men pulls out a knife and runs towards the victim, who flees towards the busy street. The perpetrator then drops the knife, giving the victim the opportunity to flee. (Our initial report that it was the perpetrators who fled was inaccurate).

The victim then called Shomrim, who assisted him in filing a police report at the 71st Precinct. It was there that they learned that this criminal duo robbed two more victims in the vicinity, as can be read here.


  • 1. Anonymous wrote:

    The scary thing is this was on the corner of EP and albany. Imagine the outcome had it been on union and Albany with a different victim.

  • 2. Pedant wrote:

    It’s not bold it’s brazen. There is no courage, here. These are soul-less creatures, the products of homes that are not homes and mothers who are not mothers and fathers who are not fathers and lead by leaders who are not leaders leading a life that is not life. The world will be a better place when these creatures get what’s coming to them.

  • 5. Footage was edited wrote:

    We should have seen the victim running down Albany (towards union) as it shows from camera on corner EP & Albany (besdie OYYL) but the footage was cut to never show that.

    Curious, veeeeeeery curious

  • 6. Dina wrote:

    Amazing footage from Safezone 24!
    may the police get them soon
    we need more cameras like this in CH
    The Mikvah is just steps away.. its very very scary…

  • 7. me wrote:

    I can’t help but wonder if the “keystone cops” will catch these two low life’s.

  • 8. jewish dude wrote:

    It is time to get NY city legal pepper spray. We as frumme yidden need to defend ourselfs against the local criminal elements.


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