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Members of Rival Gangs in Crown Heights Arrested

More than two dozen alleged gang members were busted for killing a rival and conspiring to murder others in a Crown Heights turf war, law enforcement officials said Wednesday.

Between October 2013 and March 2016, 25 alleged members of the Lincoln Family and Bergen Family gangs created chaos in the neighborhood with eight separate daylight shootings that left six people injured — including an innocent 13-year-old girl. One 19-year-old, Jaquay (Queezy) Bennett, was killed.

Bennett, a member of the Bergen Family gang, was murdered Jan. 8, 2015, on St. Marks Ave. as a retribution killing, cops said.

“This indictment underscores the continuing commitment of this office and the NYPD to take back the streets of Brooklyn from mindless gang and gun violence that puts so many people at risk,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson.

Lincoln Family gang claims the area between Classon Ave. and Prospect Place as well as Bedford Ave. and Eastern Pkway.

Bergen Family gang turf starts at Bergen St. and Kingston Ave. and surrounds Park Place and Rogers Ave., according to cops.

There’s only a one-block buffer between the rival factions, prosecutors said.

The groups use social media to taunt each other — posting pics of themselves invading each other’s territory, prosecutors said.

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