8-Year-Old Brings Gun to Crown Heights School

On Friday morning, an 8-year-old student of The Albany Avenue School (P.S. 91) in Crown Heights, which is located across the street from Lefferts Park, brought a loaded handgun to school, prompting an emergency police response.

From CBS News:

As CBS2’s Steve Langford reported, it was around 11:35 a.m. in the middle of Spirit Day at P.S. 91 The Albany Avenue School, at 532 Albany Ave. in Crown Heights. The boy was discovered with a loaded .380 Taurus handgun, police said.

The children were in the schoolyard enjoying the nice day when the teachers asked the children to sit on their book bags, but one of them refused. He was acting strange, and they questioned him and opened the book bag.

In it, they found the gun with four bullets in the clip.

Police questioned the boy at the 71st Precinct, 1010 WINS’ Samantha Liebman reported.

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  • 1. shlomo wrote:

    it’s more than 1500 cases in last year like this. bat de Blasio forbid to advertise this (as i hear in news)

  • 2. four bullets in the clip wrote:

    It’s 4 rounds (or cartridges) in the magazin (NOT “the clip”)

  • 4. xb32 wrote:

    #1: yes , was it created by the clock boy, or are they related

    #2. at least they caught the kid with the gun.

    #3. will there be social services for the child

  • 5. we need a law wrote:

    we need a law banning children from buying and possession guns,

    why inst there a law against possession of a firearm on school grounds???

    im sure such a law would have prevented this!


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