File photo: Alicia Boyd shouts down a CB-9 meeting. Photo: DNAinfo/Rachel Holliday Smith.

Racist Rabble-Rouser Allegedly Assaults City Worker

Alicia Boyd, the notoriously anti-Semitic and anti-white founder of the Movement to Protect the People (MTOPP), an organization which uses hateful tactics to oppose any commercial developments in Crown Heights, allegedly assaulted a worker who was cutting grass at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a witness told

The alleged incident occurred at around 3:00pm yesterday, Thursday, May 27.

According to the witness, Boyd was walking downhill on Washington Ave. near the service entrance to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. “Weed-whacking” operations were taking place along the fence line, but she paid no notice and walked right into them.

When a particle allegedly hit her, she took the large bag she was carrying, held it up over her head and hurled it at one of the garden’s employees, who was at that moment unaware of what was coming and operating a “weed-whacker” with a hot, running gasoline engine, the witness said.

As the worker stood up from his work, the bag hit him in the chest. Boyd was screaming and using profanity, the witness said.

The employee seems to have suffered a bruise to his upper left chest, but given the circumstances, it could have been much worse.

According to the witness, Boyd then stomped into the Public Garden entrance at 990 Washington Ave. and continued her outburst, but when it became clear to Public Garden staff that she was completely unharmed and that she had assaulted one of their employees, they began to question her about that. She then refused to give even her name and hurriedly left.

A call to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden seeking comment was unanswered.


  • Arrest her now

    Was she arrested for assault? They should not let her get away with using violence. This obama-wanna-be should be arrested now and charged with assault.

  • DeClasse' Intellectual

    #1) Political correctness and left wing liberalism would states that this person has the right to act and to do what she did. An attitude from the White House to City hall that prevails in today’s world.

  • CR

    Another thug pretending to be a “community activist” self-identifies.