Video: Scammer Rides Bike into Car

A disturbing incident was caught on surveillance camera in Flatbush, where a con artist purposely rode his bike into a stationary car, then fell to the ground and feigned injury.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon on Avenue K and East 32nd Street.

Flatbush Shomrim retrieved the video from a nearby home, and turned it over to the NYPD. Detectives are conducting an investigation.

Video courtesy of Yeshiva World News


  • Insurance fraud

    Whats there to investigate? It’s a clear case of attempting to commit insurance fraud. You can clearly see the idiot waiting for a car to come into the intersection and then he just turns the bike into the car.
    This driver is lucky that someone on the block had a good camera set up at that angle.
    Prosecute the biker to the full extend of the law.

  • Dave

    Also another reason to get dashcams. They’re relatively cheap, and totally worth it.

  • it happened to me

    I was coming out of a parking spot and they operated as a team. One car was double parked just behind my car and as I pulled out the other car came along and managed to touch my car………they claimed I damaged the entire side of the car.. at the time I did not know understand what was happening and unfortunately did not have a witness.. I ended up with a hike in my insurance and I hope the guy’s family used the money for his funeral.