Arsenal of Weapons Found in Crown Heights Apartment

Police confiscated a cache of weapons from a Crown Heights apartment Thursday, including six firearms and over 100 rounds of ammunition.

From DNAinfo by Ben Fractenberg:

Officers first responded to a 911 report of shots fired at St. Marks and New York avenues on Wednesday at about 4 p.m. Investigators were then able to trace the weapons back to 769 St. Marks Ave. where they arrested five men.

The NYPD obtained a search warrant on Thursday for the apartment and found two loaded 9mm handguns, a defaced .38-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun, a loaded .22-caliber Unceta-Astra handgun, rifle and shotgun.

Investigators also recovered 114 rounds of ammunition and two spent rounds.

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  • 1. That is nothing... wrote:

    Only in NY do they make a big deal about that. Anyone that has a weapon at home better have more than 100 rounds. 100 rounds is not even enough to go to shooting practice.

    • 3. One-to-One Correspondence wrote:

      Try counting the SIX firearms again- and don’t count one of your fingers twice…

  • 4. MaddinBklyn wrote:

    I have never seen more rust in one place in my life. The only way any of these firearms would fire is by accident.

    • 5. Emanuel wrote:

      You stole the words out of my mouth. By accident, or a miracle (pun intended) There is even what looks like a “Saturday night special”, first small handgun from top left. The shotgun doesn’t even seem to be complete.

  • 7. WHY wrote:

    Why would a person need all of these weapons, this isn’t the wild west, oh wait, it’s Crown Heights it is actually. Thanks DeBlasio for being so sympathetic to the mentally unstable people that make our community so lucrative a place to live in.


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