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71st Precinct Identifies New Pattern of Car Burglaries

Police have identified a pattern of car burglaries plaguing the entire area within the boundaries of the 71st Precinct. Many of the targeted vehicles are Chrysler Town and Countrys.

Since Shabbos, received multiple reports of break-ins to minivans parked on the streets of Crown Heights. Some were reported on Montgomery near Troy Avenue and others on Brooklyn Avenue near President Street.

A source in the 71st Precinct said that they have identified an emerging pattern of burglaries of cars; “this is an issue that is plaguing the entire confines of the [precinct],” he said, adding “we have some 20 reported burglaries and we can assume that there are at least about 10 more that went unreported.”

One minivan was broken into on Monday while it was parked on Troy Avenue near Carroll Street. The vehicle owner told that he had just been to Target and purchased lots of household items, including toilet paper, soaps and cleansers – all of which the thief made off with.

His vehicle, a Chrysler Town and Country, is a very popular choice among larger families and it is also a favorite among thieves. The minivan’s weakness is in its rear windows, which are held shut with a cheap plastic lock that is easily defeated with a tiny amount of brute force.

Frustrated with both living in Brooklyn and having to deal with such incidents, he made a short video explaining how it is possible to secure the window, and shared it with some friends and family. It quickly went viral, and we obtained permission to publish it.

A spokesman for the Crown Heights Shomrim said “in order to minimize your chance of being a victim of such a break-in, make sure to keep your vehicle clean and not leave anything behind that could be mistaken to have value.

“We receive a shocking amount of calls from individuals who had their Tefillin stolen from their cars. It is shocking that someone would leave such precious items behind, since thieves would break into a car for much less.”


  • 1. Theif Caught wrote:

    The thief targeting the minivans was caught and released…. I guess the police see a pattern here!!!

  • 2. Chassidishe yungerman wrote:

    I think it’s a good idea to move to a more civilized neighborhood , where you don’t have to go to crazy extremes to protect your car !

  • 3. Larry wrote:

    I was a hit last week on Brooklyn Avenue and Lincoln Place . the problem is if I tied the windows too tight I create a worse environment with the guy becomes desperate and breaks the window

  • 4. Chrysler owner wrote:

    If we tighten the Windows won’t they just smash the glass instead? Isn’t that worse?

  • 5. thnx wrote:

    my car broken into this week and we had somethings stolen. i don’t think the person doing this will actually crack the window.. thats a much more violent act. i think he found a flaw that he’s taking advantage of. thank for posting the video.

  • 6. Moe wrote:

    The Town & Country has bigger issues than their back windows.. worst vehicle i ever leased!

  • 7. Honestly ! wrote:

    Honestly its a really goid idea and if u dont like it then dont do it ! Why do people always havto find the negitivity in everything


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