School Bus Set Ablaze in a Suspected Arson

A school bus was set ablaze Sunday evening in what witnesses say was deliberately set by a group of children.

The incident occurred near Beis Rivkah on Brooklyn Avenue between Lefferts and East New York Avenues at around 5:45pm. A witness observed a group of 4 or 5 young black children around 10 to 14 years old on board a parked bus.

Suddenly smoke was seen coming from the bus and the group fled and quickly the bus was engulfed in flames.

Shomrim received a call alerting them to the fire and the fleeing suspects, volunteers who responded within moments were able to locate them and keep an eye until police arrived. When confronted they immediately denied being involved in the fire. A witness initially identified them, but later said she was not sure.

Police took down their information and are reviewing surveillance footage from the nearby school.

Firefighters quickly arrived on scene and doused the blaze, though not before it causing significant damage.

The bus is operated by BSD Trans Corp, a local Jewish owned bus company.

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    • Anon

      They do
      If you look at three recent update its a video from the surveillance cam

  • ch resident

    Bh no one was hurt this time. I hope that the kids responsible for this are gonna get a consequence.

  • Vadd hakak

    Someone quickly go wake up the vadd hakall, for the photo op.

    Shane on them. And even more so shame on us.

  • Mazal

    Luckily school isn’t opened so no children got hurt in the fire …

  • The bus seats

    I may be wrong but I believe lots of synthetic materials act as accelerants.

  • mario mendoza

    letita james go talk to the ps schools about racesim
    teach ur people how to act in
    this multi race world

  • wow

    all these gangs have to stop doing this do these little gangs have any common sense?!

  • Serious crime

    When they find the people responsible this can not be a catch and release. To set fire to a bus that carries children, in FRONT of a school. What worse crime can there be? The potential for tragedy here R’L is so great. What if it wasn’t reported quick enough and the school caught fire????

    How are we not all protesting tonight in front of the precinct!??

  • #8 he's right

    and the children need to learn 7 laws of noach, that there’s a g-d in this world that sees and hears, there needs to be accountably the world is not a jungle, this the rebbe has been saying for ages

  • Picaboo Shimon

    We should ban school buses so this can’t happen again.

  • It's Clear

    Educate. And education means parental modeling
    and community leadership…

  • Karen

    Is this being investigated as a possible hate crime? These are teens & preteens. They are not children. They knew that they were setting a bus on fire that belonged to the yeshiva. So, why?

  • andy ruben

    It’s amazing how many people walked by and did not look closely, or do anything – like, breakout the emergency windows and see if there could have been a child trapped inside.

    I think these “kids” parents need to be arrested, too. I wonder who put this poison in their little heads. I also believe the names of these young criminals need to be made public.


    “Suspected Arson?” — it was undoubtedly/unequivocally arson!

  • TorahLeader

    Why weren’t the Shomerim able to prevent this act of terrorism?

  • E. Turk

    This is terrible. If the streets would be more clean then maybe the fire wouldn’t have been that big. I live in a building which is reletavly new, yet the hallway floors are always crummy due to children. If the streets would be cleaner the fire might have not been set so high.

  • Reaver

    They’re black so they’ll get a slap on the wrist. Had they been white kids and been to a church once in their life they would be listed as antisemitic jew haters and white supremacists and they would be thrown to the wolves. You most likely will not see this on the main stream media past a blurp on the radar but again the perpetrators are black so it wont even ve highlighted.

  • Mary

    When these kids get into trouble and die, their mothers will come and tell the media what wonderful children they were. And don’t forget the lawsuits brought forward. Then their savor shows up. Al Sharpton making his way around to instigate another situation. The scum has made a lot of money off of the tragic lives of the ignorant.