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13-Year-Old Faces Possible Hate Crime Charges for Assault

A group of teenagers was acting rowdy and throwing rocks at people on Eastern Parkway. One of the teens was confronted by a Jewish man, who restrained him after he punched him in the face.

The incident occurred at around 3:15pm on Eastern Parkway near Brooklyn Avenue, where a group of approximately four teenagers was behaving rowdily and throwing rocks and sticks at passersby and cars.

When a Jewish man confronted the group they all fled and he gave chase, cornering one in a driveway between two houses. “Don’t move” he told the teen, who responded by punching the man in the face. The victim restrained the teen until police arrived, and he was taken into custody.

At the precinct he was charged with assault in the third degree as a possible hate crime. Police sources said that the suspected assailant is a 13-year-old black teenager who attends school in one of the local public schools.

“Officers from the 71st and 77th Precincts will be visiting the ‘Albany Alternative School’ to talk with faculty and students in the coming week,” a police source said.


  • 1. THAT TIME OF THE YEAR! wrote:

    Its summer now.its time for our wonderful black neighbors to let themselves loose.
    (NO i don’t think all black are criminals,just almost all crimes committed against jews in this community are by blacks)

  • 2. The is a boss wrote:

    I hope no charges are brought against the brave yid.

  • 3. Yom HaShoa wrote:

    And they think that would make a difference? Better make the entire school watch footage taken by the Germans in Auschwitz etc. Let them see what hate leads to.

  • 4. Disgusting! wrote:

    watch them let him go without consequences! imagine if it was the other way around!!!

  • 5. Shlomie wrote:

    The fact that the 13 year old got arrested. You think he’ll get prosecuted? since he’s a minner? Or let him FREE? Stupid justice……

  • 7. Jack wrote:

    Please read the article again. There was no mention of any racial slurs, it seems to me the kid reacted how anyone when confronted with someone who is preventing them from fleeing a crime they committed. He reacted with violence! Technically the Jewish man had no authority to even detain this boy. Yes he was commiting a crime for throwing rocks at cars and and people but no where does it say that the reason why he punched the man was because he was Jewish. So before you start pulling out the race card, please think before you respond. Ps as for the man who got socked next time keep a distance and call the police while following them maybe than you won’t get hurt and you won’t get into a fight while doing something that’s not your job.

    • 8. Pro NRA wrote:

      A rock or a brick can kill someone just as easy as a knife or a gun.
      He could easily have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon if had hit someone ( a felony). citizens are within their rights to make an arrest.( maybe you would like to wait till he hit you with a rock or a brick in your head then try to capture him after your skull has been opened unless your a cop. then you would just shoot him and be justified in doing so)

  • 9. Cold winter wrote:

    I would call you stupid when something like that happens I walk away I am not looking forward to getting punched in my face any way happy to see the police are doing the job

  • 11. ts3241 wrote:

    he did the right thing, how BRAVE. Unlike the sad rep for humans who throw and terrorize others.
    this kid will sit in jail MAYBE, and then go back to his friends who are in a life of misery and hate, so he will most likely return to his old ways. He is heading for a short life unless someone gets him a meaningful direction. sad, because there are supposed to be so many opportunities out there. is anyone monitoring the kids when they get to school? These kids are being abused and/or neglected and they are not able to live a full life, so they are vulnerable to hate and misery. nobody wins


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