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Orthodox-Jewish Man Stabbed in NYC Subway

An Orthodox-Jewish man was slashed on a Manhattan subway platform in a possibly random attack early this morning.

From VIN News by Sandy Eller:

A Chasidic man visiting from Israel is in Bellevue today after being slashed repeatedly on a Greenwich Village subway platform during the early morning hours.

Police said that the man, who is believed to be between 50 and 60 years old and was dressed in traditional Chasidic attire, was at the Bleeker Street-Broadway Lafayette subway station when he was approached by an unidentified man at approximately 3:30 AM.

The attacker took money from the victim and slashed him on the left side of his neck, his face and his hands.  The victim managed to make his way out of the subway station and onto the street where a pair of good samaritans flagged down a police car to assist the bleeding man.

The victim, who does not speak English, was transported to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition. Police said that they believe the man is Yiddish speaking and are in the process of locating an interpreter.

Detectives from the 9th Precinct followed a bloody trail from the street to the north end of the southbound platform of the number 6 train.  Police recovered what is described as a bloody knife handle at the scene.  The suspect is being described as an adult black male with dreadlocks, dressed in a brown jacket.

Eyewitnesses are currently being interviewed by police who are investigating the incident to determine if it will be treated as a hate crime.  Trains on the 6 line bypassed the Bleeker Street station this morning as police continued their investigation.



    the FOURTH stabbing attack by a black man in a little over a year.

    • 2. Pls. be careful w/your words wrote:

      Jews come in all “colors.”

      Can you imagine how a Jew of African-American or Caribbean-American heritage feels when he or she reads what you have written?

      Yes, there are people who are hateful of Jews; they come in all colors, too.

      Better to characterize the attacker as a hater, rather than characterizing him by his race — unless you know the attacker was shouting negative things about the relationships between African/Caribbean-Americans and Jews during the attack, or something specific like that.

  • 4. STOPP!!!! wrote:

    This has to be put to an end!!!We cannot go on any longer with all these stabbings, killings and hate crimes WE NEED MOSHIACH OR SOMEONE TO PUT AN END TO ALL THIS ITS GETTING WAYY OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8. Find him now wrote:

    “Eyewitnesses are currently being interviewed by police who are investigating the incident to determine if it will be treated as a hate crime.”
    No, he must have done it out of love for the jewish guy. The man gave him money and the low life still slashed him.

  • 9. Jay Sorid wrote:

    Demand that NYS Senator Jessie Hamilton create NYS legislation to restrict social services like commercial mental health facilities and drug treatment facilities in oversaturated districts like Crown Heights.

    An oversaturation of homeless and mentally ill and drug addicted racists are not good for this community and present a public safety risk which trumps political correctness.

    Register to vote in the primaries coming up in September.

  • 10. izzy wrote:

    I am chabad, and I feel insulted by comment #1 and his bigoted remarks.
    Black or White, it does not matter.
    I would kick this guy out of shul and put him in cherem if I knew the identity of this sick commentator.

    • 11. chabad wrote:

      Chabad is known for accepting all to shul, how much more so our own. We can differ in opinion and pray to Hashem in the same room. Maybe then will we cause Moshiach to come.

  • 13. sw wrote:

    I apologize for everyone’s insensitivity. I’m sure it was an oversight and it is kind of you to bring awareness. many brachos to all

  • 14. 48 yr in the hood wrote:

    how many white or jewish men have been stabbing black people ?

    come on face the facts .. even if you don’t like them


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