Video: Stabbing Victim’s Mother Thanks G-d for Saving Her Son

Speaking at a press conference in Crown Heights, the mother of the stabbing victim, Mrs. Rivkah Brikman, called on police to apprehend the attacker and thanked G-d that her son was not killed.

25-year-old Yehuda Leib Brikman, who had just gotten married two weeks ago, was walking home on Empire Boulevard Wednesday at around 11:40am when he was suddenly stabbed in the back by an assailant.

Today, a group of politicians and community activists, along with representatives from the police department, got together for a press conference denouncing this terrible crime.


  • 2. Moshe Laniado wrote:

    Hashem will revenge for his blood . Hate but will win in the end . But heart with his family

  • 3. Resident wrote:

    These press confrence does nothing. Maybe its time for some real action.
    Do you know how this will impact this young man? Im sure his life will change. Hope fully for the better. Chanina, Mr Slavin , lets get to work.

  • 4. Resident wrote:

    Why is the woman turning away and making faces while mrs brikman speaking so passionately. Shows how much they care

    • 5. Picaboo Shimon wrote:

      That is Letitia James the public advocate,and a very good friend to our Community. I am glad she came to show her support. Sorry you didnt like her facial expressions but she was nodding her head in agreement with Mrs Brikman.

      I hope the cops quickly catch the criminal who did this.

  • 8. fascinating wrote:

    fascinating how the chjcc comes out for the photo ops, no matter what the occasion, although they do absolutely nothing the rest of the time

  • 9. Wording is important, it can relay the wrong info! wrote:

    Why is he a murderer?!
    G-d forbid that should be there case!
    Attacker,assailant, terrorist, attempted murderer, etc all accurately descrypt this evil man..
    But as Levi is recovering B”h..
    Please, let’s stop calling him what he shouldn’t become!

  • 10. Joe wrote:

    Now that our “leaders” denounced the crime, I’m sure the perp is looking for the nearest precinct so he can turn himself in.

    Good work everyone!

  • 11. Friend wrote:

    So where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson denouncing this hate crime by one of their own?


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