Blood-Covered Knife Found; Stabbing a Possible Hate Crime

A knife covered in dried blood was located Thursday morning and turned over to the police by Shomrim. The six-inch serrated blade is believed to be the one used in the unprovoked attack on a Crown Heights Jewish man Wednesday afternoon. Police are investigating it as a possible hate crime.

A 25-year-old Lubavitcher man was stabbed Wednesday afternoon on Empire Boulevard in a sudden and unprovoked attack. The suspect, a Black man believed to be in his 20s or 30s and wearing a black jacket and blue hooded sweatshirt, was captured on surveillance video fleeing the scene with the bloody knife in his hand.

After being stabbed, the victim ran towards Kingston Avenue and called for help.

Inside a checks cashing store, Hatzalah medical personal, Shomrim and police rushed to his aid and began a fervent search for the attacker.

The victim was rushed to Kings County Hospital with what police said was a collapsed lung.

“He was dressed in Hasidic garb. Right now we’re looking at it as a possible hate crime because he’s dressed in that fashion,” said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

On Thursday morning, the day after the attack, Shomrim received a call from a neighborhood resident saying that he found a bloody knife near Albany and Lefferts Avenues, which he believes may have been used in the attack.

Shomrim rushed to retrieve the knife and turn it over to authorities.

The knife, a six-inch-long serrated blade with a black handle, appears to be a common kitchen knife and closely resembles the knife which the suspect is seen holding in surveillance video as he is fleeing from the scene of the crime.

Sources told that the victim is currently recuperating in Kings County Hospital. Immediately following the attack he underwent a successful procedure on his lung and he is in a lot of pain, but is in good spirits. “His condition is listed as ‘day-to-day’ and there is no definitive time for when he will be released,” the source said.

Fleeing with knife in hand:

Seen fleeing after turning the corner:

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  • Ma Rabbi

    I dont understand. They have pictures of this criminal.
    What is taking so long to arrest him?

  • In israel he would have been found

    If this had been in Israel he would have been found long ago. No reason why NYPD is taking so long.

    • Shimon Shak

      Sheesh…calm down speedy Gonzalez it’s only been 2 days…they have his face and likely fingerprints/dna from the knife and they are working on it. Lashing out at police at this point is not the thing to do. Maybe say some Tehillim for the young man that is recovering ;)

  • chw

    I also don’t get why they can’t find this criminal.
    Also want to say that this is a very traumatizing experience. He should either discuss it with a rabbinical professional or psychologist, or whatever. People have to know how serious this issue is

  • If there is a will

    If there is a will there is a way..simply put: if it was not a jew the perpetrator would have been arrested already!!!

  • Moishe

    A thug that looks like “Obama’s son” wearing a hoodie? Where is George Zimmerman when you need one?

  • why ?

    why can’t they just take the fingerprints off the knife and just get the “black piece of dirt” ??

    • Shimon Shak

      Hmmm…maybe because there aren’t fingerprints on the knife or they are not in a criminal database….let the cops do their jobs….they’ll get him