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Woman Assaulted in Crown Heights Alleyway

A woman’s midnight quest for marijuana turned into a nightmare, as she was raped in a deserted alleyway by the person she agreed to meet up with.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night, December 23, at around midnight. The victim, a 26-year-old African-American woman, arranged to meet up with a man in order to purchase marijuana.

The two met on the corner of Eastern Parkway and Nostrand Ave., but the perpetrator lured her into the alleyway off Brooklyn Ave. between Union and President Streets, where he pinned her to the ground and committed the assault.

The perpetrator was described as a 6-foot-tall African-American male in his mid-20s, wearing a gray ‘hoodie.’

The victim was transported to Woodhall Hospital, where police collected evidence and she was interviewed by detectives from the NYPD’s Special Crimes Unit.

Police detectives also conducted an investigation at the crime scene, cordoning off the alleyway for several hours. Local residents were left wondering what had transpired, and were not notified of the crime that occurred near their homes until several days later.

“It’s very scary that something like this happened right next to my house, and my children’s school,” a Jewish resident of the block told, after being told what had transpired.

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    • 2. Uhhh wrote:

      Because it happened in our neighborhood, in our backyard, in the backyard of a school for little children… Perhaps parents and teachers who I see frequently leaving from meetings late at night would like to know that this kind of stuff happened not 30 feet from their door?

      Go bury your head in the sand, and least it tastes good, right?

  • 3. Prayers for victim wrote:

    HaShem should bring her comfort and healing. That is truly terrible!

  • 4. Neighbor wrote:

    Thank you for being on top of important developments in our community that relate to the safety and we’ll being of our community.

  • 6. Shimon wrote:

    People don’t know what to do with these stories, becomes “it doesn’t happen to us”. .. yep.

  • 7. EEWW wrote:

    Clean up those bags of garbage, then the human refuse won’t have what to lay their heads on.

    And they came over to our side (dark side?) because animals usually don’t foul their own turf.

  • 8. to the editor wrote:

    Please specify if the victim is a jewish woman or not in your title. It does make a difference and scares people who live there or have friends there.

    • 9. Thumbs Up CHInfo wrote:

      Ignore these ghetto minded dimwits.

      Dont you know that we live in a world shared with billions of people besides ourselves? How would a non-Jew receive a title saying “non-jewish woman assaulted”?

      Most of the PC Brigades will come running!

      I think that the identification in the article is telling enough and if you didnt bother to read the whole article then it really doesn’t matter what ppl like you think.

  • 11. Kop Doktar wrote:

    Thanks for posting news article

    This is not the first crime article that had ever been posted on CHInfo. There had been articles of shootings, robbings, drug dealings and even murder of non-Jews – because we should know what is happening in our daled amos.

    Yet, those MANY articles did not attract critics, but a rape of a non-Jew suddenly attracts noise makers.


    It must be that this crime (rape) is different than assaults, robberies, drugs or murder. This crime makes some people squirm and itch. It compels some to get their comment out, as a way of expressing comfortableness through criticism.

    So says the Kop Doktar.

    • 12. heshy wrote:

      There are many crimes that affect or area that should be given more coverage and updating periodically. An example the weapons and drugs fond in a yeshiva on East new York Av….the boy who was beaten and robbed and put out of his apartment on E pkway…… the many boys who were raped by rabbis, one being sentenced to 103 years.These stories should be followed up and be kept in front of the readers, and there should be more cooperation with the police.

  • 13. the lesson of this story wrote:

    Do not buy drugs in a dark alley in the middle of the night. It may seem like a fine idea but see what could happen…

  • 15. Paranoid Mom wrote:

    We must be watchful of everyone! We mamish need informants and surveillance! Remember, anyone can be a predator, even your own family! Even in your in own backyard! Better safe than sorry! If you see something, say something!

  • 16. Please stop using words that harm children wrote:

    Years ago, youngsters didn’t read about this crime … they didn’t know the name of it, nor anything about it because we shelter them from such horrendous acts. You can’t equate it with theft or some other crime where the words that describe it are not going to taint a child’s purity. Unfortunately, many young kids read our websites and now have a whole new vocabulary to throw around. The “r” word unfortunately has became a phenomenon and seems to appear everywhere. At least find a euphemism for it before putting it in print.

    • 17. Kop Doktar wrote:

      If you are (correctly) concerned about the “many young kids” whose purity will be tainted by going on websites…you are right!

      The internet and websites are not toys for young kids to play with. They should not be going on ANY websites including frum websites geared to frum adults. Indeed, they should not be reading Jewish magazines geared for adults – which is why Mishpacha and Ami etc have a separate CHILDREN’S edition.

      Exposing your children to material geared for adults must be with discretion – even if it is seforim that deal with adult topics.

      The “r-word” is found several times in Chumash (and okay for a Ben-Chomesh L’mikra), as is other intimate activities, and a child learning them is taught what those words mean!

      Before telling this website to use euphemism for words that YOU find objectionable for children, maybe you should censor your children’s chumash – use a thick black marker to cross out words in their chumash that you feel will taint their purity and replace the objectionable words with an acceptable euphemism. Better yet, cut out the entire section from the chumash that you believe will “taint the purity” of your children!

      If you follow this, as a professional therapist I look forward to soon treating your children in therapy sessions.

  • 18. Riv wrote:

    I am surprised there were no cameras here. If this one incident happened, it is likely a place that perpetrator believes he is safe from unseen eyes to commit crimes. These alley ways are behind our homes, it’s only a matter of time before more crimes occur if something isn’t done.

    Rape is about power and control, it doesn’t matter the age, sex, or whether Jew or not. It has been proven it is usually someone known to a family in most cases. There a rapists in our midst and our children do need to know this word and whom may touch them or not so they feel safe telling those who can protect them. They should not be afraid to come forward and keeping telling til they get the protection they deserve.

    Many use their position in the community to rape and get away with it because girls, children fear they will not be believed and it is known that parents bury the truth to protect family name or molester. This must change. They are still out there, in our midst. They will not stop until they are revealed. The secrecy makes it worse. Look what happened to the catholics.

    Everyone deserves to be protected.

  • 19. heshy wrote:

    Kop Doktor and Riv speak words of wisdom . Don`t hide the truth from the children it can only harm them in the future ,I was born in 1933 and lived in the neighborhood until marrying in 1956 and still remained `til 1969.As a youngster all us . The .kids would play outside until the streetlights went out, it was a great neighborhood .We heard all the words that were forbidden and some of us even knew what they meant
    I went to ps167 a wonderful school that is now closed for poor performance.When I attended the school it was at least 80% jewish and we all got along well.The gentiles went to St. Matthews on Lincoln And tica, it was recently replaced with a hosing project.All the merchants on Scnectady Av spoke yiddish even the black employees at the produce markets . It was a wonderful time and a wonderful place producing many profesional people. my own 3 children were born at Peck Memorial Hospital. My life has been blessed, mostly because I married Barbara Silverman from St. Johns pl.

  • 20. K wrote:

    Torah and Halacha MUST be written clearly using words that might be “unclean” (such as “Tomay”).

    In contrast, discussions and non-halacha writings are encouraged to use “clean” words and euphemisms. Instead of “Tamay” one should say “Anio Tahor”.

    As such, there is a HUGE distinction, Mr. Kop Doktar, between vocabulary used in Torah writings and lhavdil news websites. Words that are allowed in Torah may be inappropriate in news websites.

    This is daas Torah so please adjust your hashkosfas accordingly.

    • 21. Kop Doktar wrote:

      Your condescending Holier Than Thou attitude does not license you with authority to create rules for others to love by.

      Where did you come up with the counter-intuitive concept that we humans must be more refined than Torah? That we must be holier than G-d Himself?

      You actually claim that Torah’s vocabulary need not be as refined as ours – and WE must adjust our hashkofos?!

    • 22. K wrote:

      Whatever I write is daas Torah and based on Torah sources.

      You may not agree with Torah views because you have not refined your mind and heart by immersing yourself in Torah.

      I did!!

      Because you are an am haaretz, you resist Torah.

      I merely was paraphrasing the gemarah at the beginning of Pesochim 2b – something foreign to you.

    • 23. Crown Heightser wrote:

      K, you might be a talmid chochom but you are also a baheyma gassa.

    • 24. K wrote:

      You are trying to be mevazeh me b’rabim, but inadvertently compliment me, as Yissoschor, the symbol of Torah learning among the shvotim, was also compared to a “baheyma gassa” – a chamor/donkey. Further, the lowest of the ten levels, yet still rated as a talmid chochom, listed in חובות הלבבות is one of a חמור נושא ספרים. So I am not the one shamed. but you express your distance from talmidei chachomim and kovod lomdei Torah.

  • 26. heshy wrote:

    what a shame Jews don`t have enough enemies, they need to fight amongst themselves. You study the words of the rebbe but you don`t follow them.IT IS TRULY SAD AND DAMAGING TO OUR COMMUNITY


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