Jew Punched, Attacker Yells “I Am Tired of Jews”

A Jewish man was assaulted early this morning while on his way to synagogue. The assailant slapped a cell phone out of the victim’s hands, then punched him in the face while yelling “I am tired of Jews.”

The incident occurred at around 6:00am near the corner of Albany and Lefferts Avenues. The victim, a 49-year-old Jewish man, was on his way to synagogue for morning prayers when he was accosted by the assailant.

“I was just waking up when I heard very loud shouts calling for help, he was screaming to call the police,” a neighbor told, adding “I quickly ran out of my house and the attacker was still there shouting that he is fed up with us Jews.”

Cellphone video from the scene shows police holding a man, presumably the assailant, in handcuffs who is readily admitting that he slapped the phone out of the victim’s hands because “he is tired of all the Jews.”

After the victim called for help, police responded to the scene and managed to apprehend the attacker, who is described as a 46-year-old Hispanic man. Police say he is a resident of the area.

Hatzalah treated the victim, who suffered a bloodied nose, at the scene. He did not require further medical attention, b”h.

This incident is being treated by the police as a possible bias incident.

WARNING: Video contains graphic language. View at your own discretion.


  • Police are treating this as a possible bias incident

    Possible????????? Where are these police living??????

    • Only Tired

      Probably because he only said he was tired of Jews. He didn’t say he hates them.

    • Educate yourself

      Every situation is considered alleged or possible until it goes to court.
      Basic 5th grade knowledge.

    • Pedant

      With all due respect, go jump in a lake (again 2X).

      Original comment is correct. The statement is absurd.

      Most of us know that American Jurisprudence requires officers of law to speak in certain terms — that doesn’t mean that the terms aren’t ever absurd, as in this case here.

      You learned it 5th grade, but your aren’t special.

    • Anonymous

      Just because he doesn’t like Jews, that doesn’t necessarily mean that was his reason for the assault. He might have done it for some other reason, or for no reason at all, stam because he wanted to hit someone and the victim just happened to be there. So yes, it’s possible, perhaps even likely, that this crime was motivated by bias, but it has not yet been established.

  • resident

    there are FIVE mosques. Im wondering which idiot rents to them. Utica is swarming with muslims. A lot of the store are being taken over by them. DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION. just as they do in boro park. no, we are a weak little community.

    • Newsflash

      There are two billion Muslims in the world. You being racist against all of them is not going to help your situation.
      How about trying to learn about their culture and religion. Visit a mosque. It’s a lot calmer than 770.

    • Pedant

      With all due respect, go jump in a lake.

      Within that set of 2 billion people there are distinct subsets which overwhelmingly lean virulently against the Jewish people. The original comment suspects that the mosques in our our immediate environs consist partly of even mainly of members of those subsets.

      No need to thank me.

    • You're a racist

      Nobody ever said only black lives matter.
      Belittling the struggle of African Americans doesn’t better your case. You don’t like when people deny the Jewish struggle (in Israel or the Holocaust), don’t do the same to other people.

    • Pedant

      Will all due respect, go jump in a lake (again)

      Original comment was referring to the unique angle with with media relate to events that occur to people of color. Very few argue that it isn’t unique. Your ilk simply believes it to be justified.

    • Anonymous

      1. The “black lives matter” thugs DO say that only black lives matter. Whenever anyone says “all lives matter” they howl in protest.

      2. There is no “struggle of African Americans”. The entire BLM movement is based on a giant lie, that cops are killing them as if black lives don’t matter. They don’t care about black lives, they don’t care about all the blacks who are constantly being killed by black murderers. They only care about black thugs like themselves who are killed by police, or by decent people, in legitimate self-defense.

      The whole movement started with that piece of human garbage Michael Brown, who attacked a cop and paid the just penalty. So long as they continue to chant “hands up don’t shoot” they and their “struggle” are contemptible.

  • if i said ni....

    if I said I am tired of seeing ni… on my block & punched one or more that is a bias attack

    • Anonymous

      Your statement would be taken as an indication of a possible motive in the attack, but it would have to be established that that was the motive. If they asked you why you did it and you gave some other reason, they would have to prove that you were lying, and that would be hard to do.

  • 48 yr in the Hood

    Our Rabbi s Have to make peace
    The leaders Of Chabad Mosdes
    Have to make peace
    Wake up wake up
    B 4 It’s To late
    Enough Blood Has been Spild

  • Pedant

    I am a lefty troll
    You are racist
    So very racist
    And uneducated, too
    I am a lefty troll

  • MaDDinBklyn

    Breaking news:

    Obama to spend 45 million dollars to build a gas station in Crown Heights to provide jobs to our black neighbors so that they may have some hope of success which is denied them practically from birth. Oh wait, sorry, that only happens in Afghanistan.

  • Sim

    I’ts funny how all the people who run to defend the poor black/muslim people are all otd chazer fressing lowlifes.

  • Why live in the hood?

    Why would you choose to live in CH?
    The crime rate is through the roof and full of criminals.
    Time to move to a White neighborhood. This sort of crime is not normal in the majority of other mid/high white areas.
    Nobody is stuck, make an educated decision and move your family to a safer place.
    End of story!

  • CA newbie

    We did. No locks on steering wheel.
    No alarm. Barely lock doors. Windows open. Walk safely at night. Car insurance one third price. Nice neighbors who don’t break in. No drug dealers on my street. Need more reasons?

  • D'vorah

    My Dear Fellow Jews. Learn martial arts, please! When something like this happens you can break the mamser’s arm and teach him a lesson for trying to hurt a Jew. Be pro-active in your self-defense. 1938 Germany has come to Crown Heights. Fight back!