Orthodox Jew Stabbed in Crown Heights

At around 8:30 Tuesday evening, a 34-year-old Orthodox Jewish man – who happens to be a volunteer for Hatzalah – was stabbed in the back by an assailant who snuck up on him from behind. The incident occurred on Eastern Parkway between Nostrand and Rogers Avenues in Crown Heights.

Previous reports that there were two stabbing victims are unfounded. An unrelated emergency medical call to Hatzalah that occurred around the same time appears to have led to the confusion.

The victim was walking westbound along Eastern Parkway – about 150 feet before Rogers Ave. – when the incident occurred. Police say the assailant first walked by him going eastbound, and then after they passed each other he turned around and stabbed him in the back.

The man radioed for help from his fellow Hatzalah volunteers, and then managed to walk himself to the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Rogers Avenue, leaving a trail of blood behind him. He collapsed just as a Hatzalah ambulance arrived at the scene.

The victim was rushed to Kings County Hospital where he was treated for a deep laceration to his upper back. Sources tell CrownHeights.info that doctors stitched up the wound and expect the victim to be released within twenty-four hours.

The assailant escaped from the scene and is still at large. Witness accounts describe the man as wearing a hoodie and a mask covering his face, though this has not been confirmed.

There is no word yet from police on whether or not they believe this incident to be terror related, but are treating it as a possible bias incident and detectives from the Hate Crimes Taskforce are investigating.

There is currently a level-1 mobilization of police forces in effect. Please beware of your surroundings and be extra cautious when going outside until the assailant is apprehended.

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  • Miriam S.

    “previous reports that there were two stabbing victims appear to be unfounded.

    The two victims were rushed to Kings County Hospital, where they are listed in critical condition.”

    these two statements contradict each other.

    I hope the victim will fully recover and I hope the cops catch the criminal right away

  • Yup

    If vadd hakal does not post a $100.000 reward by tonight. They should be forced to resign.

    Watch them all be there for the photo ops

  • Maya

    I’ve been scared this was going to happen
    This is a terror attack
    We need mashich, until when hashem until when

  • Crown Heights Resident

    If we follow what the Rebbe Told us about ShLemus HaAretz we can prevent these terror attacks.

    The Rebbe Said: That if Israel gives away land that Hashem gave them In a miraculous way during the June 1967 SIX day war. This will put the lives of Jews all over the world in Extreme Danger

    • FactsRule

      Yes, Israel has a right to repatriate the overwhelmingly genocidal so-called Palestinians back to Jordan & Egypt. That is the ONLY effective AND compassionate complete & permanent solution to stop innocent people from being harmed on the tiny strip of land West of the Jordan River. There are relatively few people on Earth – or in Israel, where this matters – who are aware of this important lifesaving fact.
      But, that is very far from the only thing that will stop the worldwide Jihad of thereligionofpeace.com

  • Zalmy Schapiro

    oh my goodness this is really not good so what’s going on in Israel has been a lot of stabbings and now it just happened here in Crown Heights I think this person was a Palestinian what do you think it was a Palestinian or African American black person?

  • Crown Heights Resident

    Of Course we also have to follow all kinds of other precautions B’Derech HaTeva
    For Example: only walk in groups in that area after dark, Learn Martial Arts, Carry Cell Phones etc.

    But following what the Rebbe Said about Sh’Lemus Ha’Aretz is also necesary

  • Baruch HaShem

    @IsraelHatzolah: CORRECTION – SHARE: Public asked to pray for Dovid Shlomo ben Shterna Malka, the Hatzolah member stabbed and wounded earlier tonight.

  • Carried by six or judged by twelve?

    That’s it, I’m going back to carrying my 9 at condition 1.

  • 48 yr in the Hood

    It s Time For the Rabbi s to make peace
    It’s time to Take The Chabad case out of Court . Enough Is enough
    If our Leaders have there heads in there Wallets
    Then we have to Make A tumell
    That There Killing Our People

  • S.Levy

    ALL JEWS MUST CARRY WEAPONS and waste any suspicious figure. Ask questions after. Enough is more than enough. It´ll never stop unless we stop it. Those primitive savages only understand and respect force.

    • Not such a great idea

      If you are planning to “waste any suspicious figure” with your weapons, that will not fly in America. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life in jail, G-d forbid, unless you hear directly from a government office, I wouldn’t do this or incite others to do it either.

  • Local resident

    The city has done a great job in their response, still we must remember stop and frisk did, oh yes, DID make us safe. Thanks please Commont.

  • security NOW!!

    I live in Israel & just finished a self defense/preventive class.

    1. Be aware of people around you. Anyone dressed suspiciously (hoodie over head etc) hands clenched or in pocket may mean a possible attack.

    2. If you see something that makes you suspicious, someone looks shifty or “off”, call the police. I did last week (we have had a few stabbings & car incidents where I live.) They take everything seriously – or they should!

    3. Keep against the wall of the subway. Don’t stand peering for the train – someone wants to push you on the tracks, that makes you an easy target.

    4. DO NOT BE ON YOUR CELL IN THE STREET! Crownheights.info can wait till you get to work/Macy’s or whatever. Same on the train itself – be alert.

    5. If you hear running or shouting, get out of the way. Dive under a bench, behind a car, into a store – look for safety.

    6. Selfie sticks & umbrellas – they worked here!

    7. Get a whistle or an alarm & use it if you suspect an attack. Yelling is good if you don’t have any other noise-maker.

    8. Mace – get it, hold it, use it (be careful not to get it in your eyes.)

    9. As you walk, be on the lookout for anything you could use as a defense weapon – I found two manageable rocks & a branch from a tree. Use them, worry later.

    10. If an attack happens from the front, zig-zag as you run. If he is close enough, GO FOR HIS EYES. Use your hands if necessary (those gel nails will do the job!)

    Don’t rely on the police – you need to be alert at all times. This copycat attack will not be the last. Protect our Shluchim as well. The non-Israelis aren’t used to this – we are.

    • Priestess Kandi Ranson

      These are all great self defense and awareness tips. Many of which are taught in general world wide.

      Please do tell us what are the Selfie sticks & umbrellas used for? You wrote “they work’. What does the self defense course teach you to do with them?

    • Security now!!

      Agreed. It isn’t easy at the moment, but I still feel safer here.

      Re Selfie sticks and umbrellas – they are good for poking in the face (go for the eyes) and general thwacking. The ones that were used on a terrorist kept him down until security forces got there. When you are threatened, you will use anything handy, including grabbing something from a nearby store or even a sack of potatoes just to defend yourself and subdue the attacker. Of course, shooting him/her is the best option. BTW don’t think that women are not going to attack. I was at the train stop yesterday and two Arab women were there. I stood nearby and kept an eye on them.

  • reward?

    why has no reward been offered?
    Our blood is not cheap
    Hatzallah volunteers should not have to suffer such an indignity.

  • ..::IGOR::..

    No, you don’t need to pray. You need to learn some self defense and self respect. This was always perpetrated because pious Jews were always the easiest targets, the deer of the food chain, if you will. Thats got to change first.

  • Avi

    By all means move to Eretz Yisrael, but if your not ready move to Pico Robertson in Los Angeles. After being born and bred in that dump after 40 years I moved out to L.A. Smartest thing I ever did.

  • Dorin

    More murderous violance spreading throughout the world – As a direct effect of the terrorists Abbas&Hamas incitements. This will not stop until ALL world leaders will take a serious responsible action against these corrupt “palestinian leaders”.

  • Best protection

    Make sure the Mezuzos and Tefillin are checked once a YEAR. That is chabad minhag. Hashem yishmor.

  • Please make this message go virul

    They said more police on the streets. ..I walked this morning up Eastern Parkway from NY Avenue to Grand Army Plaza and back. There was NOT even 1 police officer along the whole way there and back.
    I was impressed by those who went out for the morning walk and were not scared off. Back to Dinkins days. Call 311 to complain. Please make this message go viral.

    • Yael

      מה עובר עליהםנרציניי???????????!!!!!!!! כל אחד מהרוצחים האלה פשוט צריכים כדור בראש! בלי שום חקירות ופרוצדורות כאלה ואחרות !! אין לזה סוףף
      משיחח נאווו!! שישים סופםסווף קץץ לגלות ולצרות האלה
      שייכחדו כל המחבלים אמןןן!!!

  • yankiv

    why is Adams who took off all the Jews from the community board suddenly caring about us? the crime occured simply bec. thugs control the streets here and bec. of the stop of stop and frisk, but I am absolutely SHOCKED that the suspect is wearing a hoodie and is black like Obamas if i had a son he wouldve looked like Trayvon.

  • מיכל

    רפואה שלמה, שתבריא ותחזור לקהילה למשפחה ולשגרה

  • FactsRule

    A cowardly attack from behind on an obvious Jew is by definition terrorism, so I don’t get the question, except that many people are apprehensive about labeling such cowardly attacks on Jews terrorism. But, a better question the police should be asking is whether or not this was an Islamic terrorist attack. They failed to do that after Rabbi Kahane was murdered, so they failed to stop the first World Trade Center attack.
    God give this man a complete, speedy recovery from all of his wounds and help him to become even closer to You than he’d have otherwise been able to come. This includes far more parnassah & all physical good.
    And, please, please, God, give us Moishiach Tzidkeinu NOW.

    • Milhouse

      It’s not by definition terrorism. It could be stam a crime, like many crimes that are committed all the time by bad men or madmen. It’s only terrorism if the attacker’s purpose was to make all the Jews afraid, and until he’s caught we won’t know whether that was what he was tihnking. But whether he intended it or not, it’s certainly had that effect.