Two Arrested for Terrorizing, Beating Fellow Student

A ‘Kvutzeh’ student has become the victim of a terror campaign perpetrated by his fellow students in a bid to evict him from his dorm room in the infamous and lawless 749 Eastern Parkway dormitory. The terror campaign against him included a series of robberies, a brutal beat down, letters containing threats and rifle ammunition left on his pillow.

Last week, Thursday, at 2:30pm, police executed an arrest warrant on Kingston Avenue, taking 22-year-old Yonah Shifren into custody on charges of assault and felony burglary. Shifren, a Los Angeles native and a resident of 749 Eastern Parkway, but not a student in Tomchei Temimim-770 (Kvutzeh), is alleged to have robbed and assaulted a fellow resident of the dormitory in an effort to intimidate him into vacating his room.

According to an indictment filed in Brooklyn Criminal Court last week, Shifren is charged with robbery, felony burglary and assault for three different robberies he is alleged to have committed against the victim.

In one robbery, he, along with a group of others, allegedly stole the victim’s Tefillin. In a second robbery, they allegedly stole thousands of dollars in cash and valuables, and then beat up the victim. In a third and final robbery, they allegedly stole the victim’s clothing, as well as additional items of value.

In an attempt to scare him further, the perpetrators left behind a bullet on the victim’s pillow following the final robbery. Upon discovering the bullet, the victim fell into shock and required medical treatment.

A number of those incidents were captured on surveillance video, which identified Shifren as one of the suspects, along with a group of others who have not been apprehended as of yet.

Later Thursday night, in an apparent act of retaliation, a group of over 10 friends of Shifren ambushed the victim in the first floor hallway of the dormitory.

While preparing for bed, the victim made his way to the dorm bathrooms to brush his teeth; upon returning to his room, he was attacked by the group – a number of whom were wearing ski masks – who attempted to cover his eyes and mouth with a towel while they beat him with metal sticks. “We should kill you because you are a snitch, you went to the cops and put someone in jail,” the mob shouted while beating him, according to the complaint.

In fear for his life, the victim screamed as loud as he could – so loud in fact that a neighbor living a few houses away thought someone had gotten hurt and called Hatzalah. The sounds of the sirens scared the assailants off and the victim fled from the dorm building – after suffering major injuries and a possibly broken hand as result of the beating.

The mob also stole the victim’s cell phone and wallet, along with what little possessions remained in his room.

Later that night, the victim called 911 from the safety of a friend’s home. Officers responded and took a statement from the victim. Upon hearing the horrific details of the assault, officers took the victim back to the dorm in the hope of apprehending those involved.

While in front of 749 Eastern Parkway, the victim spotted one of the main suspects, 21-year-old Yossef Nachum, walking by and pointed him out to police. He was promptly taken into custody and charged with felony robbery, burglary and assault.

Nachum, an Israeli native, was due to begin the school year as a student in Kvutzeh, but his visa was revoked by the administration and he was kicked out of Yeshiva after he attacked Rabbi Chaim Boruch Halberstam on Kingston Avenue.

Both Shifren and Nachum were arraigned in criminal court last Friday. Shifren was released on $1,500 bail, while Nachum was released on his own recognizance. Representing the duo was the lawyer Paul (Levi) Huebner, who was observed returning to Crown Heights at 11:00pm on Friday night in his car and dropping the two off in front of 770. Together they went into the Shul, where they began dancing “Didan Notzach” and were joined by a group of their friends.

Once released, Nachum wasted no time in booking a return ticket to Israel, and on Monday he boarded the flight and fled the country rather than face the charges in New York.

Before reaching out to the police, the victim approached members of the Yeshiva administration and asked for help. He was turned away after they said that they have no control over ‘749.’ He then approached Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba, and after telling him the story, he wrote a letter in support of him filing complaints with the police. “The matter here is simple; not only is it permissible, but he is required to file a complaint with the police in order to prevent damage and danger in the future, and perhaps this way end it once and for all,” wrote Rabbi Osdoba.

Sources tell that the district attorney and police are seeking a number of additional people who were believed to be involved in the robberies and the assaults.

Yonah Shifren
Yonah Shifren
Yossef Nachum
Yossef Nachum
Rabbi Osdoba’s letter authorizing the victim to go to the police
The bullet left behind after one of the robberies.
The bullet left behind after one of the robberies.


After one of the robberies the room was boarded shut in an attempt to keep the victim out of his room.
After one of the robberies, the room was boarded shut in an attempt to keep the victim out of his room.
A note left behind after one of the robberies. "All your items is whole and in a safe place. When you will leave the building you will receive it back. But if you decide not to at 12am it will all go up in flames (the holy items will be donated to chabad houses)."
A note left behind after one of the robberies. “All of your items are whole and in a safe place. When you will leave the building (which includes removing your possessions and the lock from the door), you will receive them back. But if you decide not to, at 12:00am they will all go up in flames (the holy items will be donated to Chabad Houses).”
A note left behind on the boarded up door. "Your belongings are not here!!! There is no reason for you to try and open. In a few days you will receive notice were you things are. Yechi Hamelech Hamoshiach!"
A note left behind on the boarded-up door. “Your belongings are not here!!! There is no reason for you to try and open, what a shame… In a few days you will receive notice where you things are. Yechi Hamelech Hamoshiach!”
Yonah Shifren being taken into custody on October 15th 2015.
Yonah Shifren being taken into custody on October 15th, 2015.

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Yossef Nachum being taken into custody on October 16th 2015.
Yossef Nachum being taken into custody on October 16th, 2015.


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  • 1. Dorm wrote:

    Why is shifrin Allowed to be living in a dorm if he’s not a student? Is anyone in charge??

  • 3. what? wrote:

    Can someone explain what kind of animals these guys are?Why??Why???Is this some sort of Yechi statement or something?Just reading what that person wrote.Why did they want that boy out?

  • 4. שייע ברוין wrote:

    זה התוצאה של הסתה, זה התוצאה של דמוניזציה.
    זה התוצאה של חינוך 3 שנים בישיבה של צפת.
    מגדלים שם עבריינים, מחבלים, טרוריסטים. והכל עטוף בצהוב צהוב של כאילו משיח.
    הגיע הזמן אחרי 21 שנה, שהרבנים בשכונה, הנהלת הישיבה, וראשי המוסדות יוקיעו את המרצחים הללו, ויעיפו את המסיתים ואת כל התומכים של הטרור מארצות הברית. פשוט לגרש אותם החוצה. ומי שאזרח ארצות הברית, להכניס לכלא.
    עד מתי???

  • 5. thanks wrote:

    For posting this story

    Let those who supports these guys pay there bills and let them move in house

  • 7. L.M. ch resident wrote:

    i am sure the Rebbe would be so” proud” of you and would be “honored” to call you his” children,”

  • 8. disappointed wrote:

    #1 the comments at least in the name of Shaya Braun are disgraceful #2 this whole situationis disgusting & disgarceful.The issue of why The Bachur was allowed to remain in the dorm is secondary. Its time for a major change in The Hanhola Kuti is gone Raskinis gone seemingly the others don’t care including Zarchi who seemingly never did about anything except his ego & his pocket Braun & schwei are also partly responsible for leading the way inMachloikes The chk Mehadrin Hechsher is illegal its sole purpose is to create Machloikes/. Braun is not now nor ever had Smicha or qualified to be a Rav Machloikes must stop now

  • 9. Sell the Building wrote:

    Yeshiva TT should either sell the building or convert it to housing and allow families to occupy. Most of the bocherim who dorm in the building are either over 25 and have no interest in moving on with life or work for a living. The yeshiva can use the funds to cover years of back payroll.

  • 11. Jorje wrote:

    ZARCHI must go.
    as a former student/resident in the building iv’e seen time and again how the “Hanhala” did not do a minimal effort to support the normal Bochurim residing in the building who are being bullied and terrorized by the Tzfatim gangs who act as the owners of the building.

  • 12. horrified wrote:

    this story is disgusting. how could jews do this to another jew? we won’t be safe from arab terrorists if we are terrorizing our own selves.

    as for the note and the “yechi hamelech” at its conclusion…what? i’m just flabbergasted. also, why doesn’t the dorm have security, or a dorm counselor, or monitoring? something? someone?

    CH info, please keep us posted on this shameful story. i’m very curious to know the motives of the perpetrators.

    i’m very, very disturbed.

  • 14. This article is disgusting!! wrote:

    They were defending themselves against sick anti bochurim that just want to bother good mishichist bochurim.

  • 15. thanks for hanging out finest dirty laundry out there wrote:

    Thanks for making crown heights seem like a zoo with terrorist running around.

    • 16. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

      I heard, if you stick your head in the ground, the world ceases to exists.

      My 2 year old thinks the world disappears when he covers his eyes.

  • 18. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    When does the Mosser Paul (Levi) Huebner help the vicitims and when does he help the aggressor?

    When Huebner, Poltrok and the rest of the cartel went after Shomrim (in the shomrim six blood libel), they did so claiming that Shomrim were aggressors and therefore needed to be locked away in a vigilant prison for 15 years. They (this is what they falsly claimed) were “saving” the poor “victim” Meshichist students etc….

    What about here, clearly the meshichistim are the aggressor and the other the victim, yet Huebner and Co. are helping the aggressors?

    No lawyer with an agenda here!!!

    Huebner and all those who orchestrated the Shomrim six blood libel, STILL have hot blood on their hands. We will never forget!!! We will never forgive!!!

  • 19. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    Several years ago the meshichist web site reported about violence in 749. Im surprised that all of a sudden they are unconcerned. No, im not actually surprised…. its expected!

  • 21. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    I wonder about what kind of parents those creeps had. How parents can raise children like that is beyond me.

    • 24. Chaim wrote:

      מסירה דוחה שבת – Mesira Pushes Off Shabbos

      Not the first time Huebner has violated Shabbos for his meshichist agenda.

      On January 3, 2008: Mr. Huebner contacted P.O. Brain Duffy. In the phone conversation Mr. Huebner notifies P.O. Brain Duffy that the complainants do not speak English and offered himself as the interpreter, Mr. Huebner then goes on to arrange a time and date when he can bring the complainants in for interviews. Mr. Huebner informs P.O. Brain Duffy that complainant Shneur Rotem will be leaving the country but will be over at Mr. Huebner’s home for Saturday “Shabbat” January 5, 2008 approx. 2:30pm, after prayers, and therefore invites P.O. Brain Duffy to his home (see Pg. 88 of Discovery). (On Saturday “Shabbat” it is customary to have a Shabbat meal after prayers in synagogue).

      On January 5, 2008: approx. 2:30pm P.O. Brain Duffy interviews complainant Mr. Shneur Rotem (who is Israeli and speaks Hebrew), through the full interpretation of Mr. Huebner (see Pg. 87 of Dis), at Mr. Huebner’s home 478 Malbone Street.

    • 25. Toshov Hashchuna wrote:

      Get with the times:

      Haven’t you heard of self driving cars?

      Self driving cars are muttar on shabbos, just like a shabbos elevator.

  • 26. disgusting!!!! wrote:

    horrific!!! may they all be caught and spend some time in a good boot camp!!!

  • 27. man of crown heights wrote:

    corruption all around ,all the schools , yeshivas , look at the behavior of the selfish, could we actually learn anything from them ,they have been around forever still terrorizing people stealing buildings etc….all in the name of kedusha ,when you throw out
    braun get rid of them also , they are refuse.

  • 28. no one special wrote:

    to #11,

    Why would “motives” be of interest????

    I would be interested to know the motives of those who continue to shield these criminals.

  • 29. For Anyone That Cares wrote:

    If you care about the situation and want to try do something about it, call the members of the Hanhala and tell them so. The only way they might be convinced to reassert their control over their Yeshiva and 749 madhouse is if they understand that public opinion will not tolerate this any longer, and failure to act will hit them where it hurts most, their back pocket.

    Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi: 347-776-0279

    Rabbi Gedaliah Bluming: 347-451-5980

    Rabbi Kuti Feldman:347-277-8573

    Rabbi Zalman Labkovsky:718-774-4812

  • 30. disgusting wrote:

    how could this happen these bouchrim should leave and not come back here if they are here to cause fights against a another jew very disgusting shame on them

  • 31. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND wrote:


  • 35. flatbush wrote:

    This a horrific and shocking story. Who is so vicious as to use a bachur as a punching bag and worse?

    Why, why, why, is there no one in charge to oust the attackers and protect the victim. Hashem Yishmor.

  • 36. Zryj wrote:

    Close it down now there terrorist and send them all back and kick them out of yeshiva

  • 37. an old problem which has escalated wrote:

    Who gives them I20 to get into the states to begin with? If they are not learning in Yeshiva they should be sent home. 749 should be taken away from them by force if need be.

  • 38. Who owns 749? wrote:

    Who ownes the building? Why don’t the owners vacate these bochirim?

  • 39. Unempoyed Noachide wrote:

    Wow! Here I am trying my best to be a good PR guy for Judaism, Hasidism, and the Jewish State and argue against all the rants of the pro-Arab/Jew-hating/anti-Zionists out there only to come here and see my praise for Klal Yisrael ruined by this sort of Chillul Ha-Shem. :*(

    • 40. replying... wrote:

      Do not get discouraged. yes chillul Hashem is here yet use this that we have to do all that we can to continue making a kiddish Hashem and influencing others too! Hashem will be very proud for every effort that we do to make a kiddish Hashem! so keep it up whatever your doing!

  • 41. Mendel Friedman wrote:

    What right to the goyische police have to interfere in a Jewish affair? This is for the Jews to straight out. Arresting Jews in this way is nothing short of anti-semitic.

    • 43. What? wrote:

      The guy was in danger from criminal activity and Jews WEREN’T straightening it out. He went to the administration and they said they have no control. So he should continue to be beaten and robbed?

    • 44. Oh my! wrote:

      If you got beaten up and found a bullet on your pillow, would you run to braun or the police?

  • 45. These guys should NEVER get married wrote:

    Thank you for posting the names of these bullies. It’s a service to the public to publicize their names. No girl in her right mind should ever marry one of these guys. These are definately the types of guys who will abuse their wives and kids should they chas veshalom ever get married.

  • 47. wrote:

    Remember the campaign by eshel on sukkot to fundraise 770,000 dollars? Here is where your money went

    • 48. Chutzpa wrote:

      How do you have the chutzpa to make up things like this?

      Do you not in believe in God?
      Do you think he doesn’t see when you spread lies out of pure hate?

      It’s not like you even think it’s true, you just find it amusing to bash people that do amazing work.


  • 49. תרגום לעברית wrote:

    על מנת ששמות הטרוריסטים יופיעו בחיפוש גוגל – נתרגם כאן בקצרה את מעלליהם.

    יונה שיפרין ויוסי נחום, בוגרי ישיבת חח”ל בצפת ומדריכים בקעמפ אורו של משיח ומחנה משיח, חיילים פעילים בשרות מענדי הענדל באת”ה העולמי ובארגון אש”ל הכנסת אורחים.

    בתקופה האחרונה היו שותפים למעשי טרור ב749 – פריצה לחדרים (תוך כדי חילול שבת) גנבת רכוש, איומים ברצח, מכות ושוד.

    לאחר השחרור על תנאי ממעצרם – יוסי נחום ברח לארץ ישראל ובכך הודה במעשיו ובמעורבותו בפשעים האמורים.

    בימים הקרובים יונה שפרין יובא בפני השופט וצפוי לו כמה שנים בכלא האמריקאי.

    יצויין שישנם עוד עשרה בריונים שעליהם הוטל צו מעצר ובינייהם:
    מרדכי אברמוב
    אהרן אפל
    יוחאי ברוך ולמן
    לוי ויוסי הלפרין
    חיים שרף

  • 51. Anonymous wrote:

    With so much hate amongst Jews, how the hell can we expect the world not to hate us????

    • 52. Chaim wrote:

      Tell me, if I’m not getting along with my brother, does that give you license to kill me?

    • 53. Anonymous wrote:

      Chaim, I’m not giving the world an excuse to hate us… I’m talking about from g-ds perspective..

  • 54. bklyn50 wrote:

    These guys are thugs.

    I remember in this newsletter persons complaining about nearby neighbors not protecting the police.

    Now, one feels that when it is a “Jewish affair” the police have no right to be involved.

    You didn’t complain when the emotionally disturbed person murdered your brethren in 770 EP and the police protected you.

    Your culture/religion has cloaked heinous acts, and now they are so bad you have done the right thing and aired them publicly. If you had the ability to police yourselves in a righteous way, all of the above comments about the lawlessness at 749 EP wouldn’t have been made.

  • 55. meshugeh wrote:

    these tzfatim should not be allowed back into ch ever again! they obviously arent well!!!!! #messeduptzfatim

  • 57. Sruly Clapman wrote:

    Never be scared to comment with your name.

    Terrorizing people won’t work!!!!

    I’m saddened to hear bail was set at such a low amount. $1Million would have kept justice. Now the cowards will run.

  • 58. Miriam S. wrote:

    this story is more disgusting than the story of last weeks drug bust on lefferts.

    absolutely despicable behavior, these students who terrorized the other student need to see some jail to teach them a lesson

  • 59. Toshov Hashchuna wrote:

    There are two sides to EVERY story. Why would they “target” this particular bochur? HE CLAIMS THEY WANTED HIS ROOM. That is HIS story. They may have a totally different story. HE CLAIMS THEY WERE THE AGGRESSORS. They may have a totally different story. What happened to the “presumption of innocence”??? He makes an ALLEGATION, and we all believe simply him fully. IS THAT JUSTICE??? Is that being “dan l’kaf zchus”? You people are being so UNAMERICAN and UN-TORAH!!!

    • 61. Um... wrote:

      The police saw them on the surveillance cameras. It’s not just his word against theirs. When there’s evidence to charge someone with a crime, they get charged, and that is 100% American.

    • 62. Chaim Hershkop wrote:

      As one of the Shomrim Six, who had to sit through a six week trial…my future put in the hands of 12 strangers (jury)…I will say this about “two sides to every story”.

      In court we will have the opportunity to hear the other side. In court we will get the truth, the whole truth and nothing put the truth!!!

      Dear Mr. Toshov Hashchuna:
      When the Mossrim came after Shomrim, it was all good. What comments were you writing then? Did you come to court to find out the truth, after all you are so concerned?

      In this case, had the victim come to you, what would you have done to help him against these thugs and bullies?
      After all, your such a good guy.

    • 63. Toshov Hashchuna wrote:

      To Chaim Hershkop:

      When you were charged, did I presume you to be guilty??? No! I waited till after the trial and until trial I presumed that you were innocent.

      That is how our system works.

      These same people that already convicted these boys based on mere allegations, would also convict you on mere allegations!

      How would you feel if these same commentators would write these comments when you got charged???

    • 64. Maybe So wrote:

      As a matter of fact they did, and still do, despite having been exonerated – but lets not get confused with the facts.

      These thugs deserve the ‘presumption of innocence’, but when they have acted in such a manner so many times (currently) as well as many times (previously) any sane person would be an idiot if he didn’t draw parallels.

      Now if it was a one off thing where there was a fight, maybe… perhaps… somehow… you can justify it (ick), but when a person claims to have been repeatedly robbed, and beaten, and beaten again where he was taken to hospital on found to have a broken hand… how in the world can you stand there and justify it?!

      Then these thugs go a write letters and signs boasting about it and threatening to burn his stuff, it no longer get the presumption of anything in the court of public opinion. Once a court of law weighs in we will speak then, but until such time…

      p.s. You are also forgetting that Shifren is no longer a student in the Yeshiva and therefor has no business in the building, and that Nachum fled the country rather then show up for his court appearance that Monday 11/19/2015 and answer for these ‘allegations’ (click here to see his ecourts file.)

  • 65. צבי wrote:

    הגיע הזמן לברר אחת ולתמיד מי מביא את החלאות האלה לכאן אחת ולתמיד יש להסיר את המסוה מפרצופום של האנשים שהם הגורם לכל הטירור,
    ואני כ לוחם במשיחים שהם מבזים את כבודו של כבוד קדושת זצל בכל הזדמנות. הפעם אני בכלל לא מאשים אותם ,
    מי שבאמת אשם ויתן עז את הדין הם חברי ההנהלה ובראשם
    שלמה זרחי מדובר פה בכסף גדול שבא על כל ראש שמביאים לפה. הענין של הלימוד בכלל לא מענין אותם. מדובר בפושעים ש
    מנהלי ישיבות רוצים להתפטר מהםי השאלה היא אם הפושעים
    האלה האלה היו משתלטים על הבית של חברי ההנהלה הם היו אומרים שאין להם שליטה בדיחה עצובה.
    שלא יספרו סיפורים כבר ככ התרגלתם לשיחיתות את זה ראינו כבר במשפט השומרים חוץ מלגלגל עינים לשמים לא עשיתם כולם ,
    והפעם הגלגל שוב מסתובב עד שתעופו לנו מן העינים

  • 66. to #52 wrote:

    your absolutely right. however, if he did do anything, it most probably wasn’t bad enough for them to call the cops on him or major enough for the story to be as big as this. (or even smaller) so then yes, what they did is absolutely inexcusable.

    P.S. if he had such a good defense and such a good reason for what he did to the poor kid, tell me, why did he flee the country? obviously, he isn’t so innocent.

    P.PS. every story does have to sides. For example, the Arabs have their reasons for killing us.

    • 67. Toshov Hashchuna wrote:

      “flee the country”?

      How do you know that?

      Do you know if he went home to a simcha or other reason? Do you know if he plans to return for trial down the road MANY months from now?

      No you do not know that! I didn’t think so. You are just gullible and drinking whatever kool aid is served to you.

      For such a “terrible” crime (as YOU imagine in your fantasy) and “solid” case for the State (as you imagine in your fantasy) against a high flight risk with no roots in the community, do you think they would release him on bail for only $1500???

      However, if:
      (1) the “crime” is believed to be exaggerated by the so called “victim”, and
      (2) the State has a weak case (video unclear, mob attack – cannot tell who exactly did what, accused deny – their word against his, they have alibi etc). and
      (3) a lawyer was hired to attend for him –

      then it makes sense to release on a monetary low bail without restrictive conditions of travel.

    • 68. Maybe So wrote:

      Very simple, Yossef Nachum missed his court date that Monday and there is an arrest warrant out for him skipping bail.

      He arrived before Tishrei to begin his year of Kvutzah and no a week after Sukkos the Hanhalah saw it fit to revoke his student visa and dismiss him from the Yeshiva. Furthermore, he was resident of the 1414 dormitory and once booted from Yeshiva he was booted from that dorm as well. So where do you go after that? Tora Bora (aka 749), where you can live rent free and without any supervision.

      But wait! There are so many others already freeloading there… oh, what to do? oh, what to do? Wait! I have an idea! Lets kick out some other poor looser and give him his spot! Right!?


      This poor looser fought back and in retaliation they robbed him, beat him, sent him to the hospital with a broken hand… and the rest is history, including Yossef Nachum who is a fugitive and can never come back to the states… Hip Hip Hurry!

      On the topic of bail, have you been following the story of the murder of the cop in the Bronx? Officer Randolph Holder?

      Well he was murdered by Tyrone Howard (presumably innocent, right?), a career criminal with record of shooting a child and a grandmother, dealing drugs, armed robbery and g-d knows what else. Our DeBozo in Chief even came out and said that this piece of filth should have not been out on the street… and that is saying quite a bit about our liberal and broken legal system.

      So on the bail part of it, give me a break, just because some asinine judge decided to tag Shifren as a $1500 risk while the other an ROR risk, don’t give it any credence as to the ‘alleged’ perpetrators guilt.

      Besides, if you are the defendant in a felony case you would have to authorize any travel with the courts in advance, which he did not as is evidenced by his missing his first court date following arraignment.

    • 69. K wrote:

      To Toshov Hashchuna, there is no chiyuv of being dan l’kaf zchus someone who is muchzak a rasha, or one who has a kolo d’lo posik against him. Only for an adam kasher are we required to be dan l’kaf zchus.

  • 71. to toshov hashchuna wrote:

    it doesn’t matter what the other side of the story is at this point. The behavior that they portrayed was so horrible, unjustified, cowardly and disgusting, there is no justification.

  • 72. Who owns 749? wrote:

    Can someone please clarify to someone who is out of town, what is going on here?

    Doesn’t The Lubavitcher Yeshiva own 749?

    Who pays for the utilities i.e. Heat, electricity?

    Wasn’t it bought for a dormitory?

    How do non-students get to live in a school dormitory? Can I move in with my family (sarcastic question)?

    Why can’t/doesn’t the Yeshiva kick them out?

    If someone would c’v get hurt, wouldn’t the owners Yeshiva) be liable?

    Why don’t other Chasidishe yeshivas and misnagdishe yeshivas have this problem?

  • 73. Borsalino wrote:

    What could you expect in a place where the Beit Din Rabbis do the same thing with each other ?
    A this is the example this is the outcome
    All for the sake of ” kedusha”. Yechi HaMelech!

  • 74. Paul Huebner wrote:

    Did he “arrange” for the roach to skip to Israel? These disgusting subhumans are on a par with the Arab terrorists – no, they are worse because they are “supposed” to be Jews, but who knows? There has to be some goy in them. And Huebner? His criminal family? What a lowlife. I feel so so sorry for the victim.

    • 75. Agent Emes wrote:

      It wouldn’t be the first time they advised someone to run. Remember the shmira rat Yitzchok Shuchat .

  • 77. Agent Emes wrote:

    Commenter ‘Toshav Hashchona’ is must likely the Mosser Elie Poltorak.

    I say this, because he seems to be very close to the case, after all, it is Paul Huebner that pushes his wheel chair.

    Poltorak is one of the mossrim that orchestrated the Shomrim six blood libel and who is still attempting, to this day, to destroy them, he will fail, because hes a loser.

    שקר אין לו רגליים

  • 79. Question for the Editor wrote:

    Did you try to solicit a comment from the school administration?
    It’s basic journalism.
    Did they refuse to comment?

  • 80. אלי wrote:

    כול הכבוד למערכת האתר שמפרסמת את הסיפור המזעזע הזה…

    מי שהכי גרוע בכל הסיפור הזה זה “הנשמות הטובות”
    בחורים יודעים שהם יכולים להשתולל ואף אחד לא ישלם מחיר…

    כדי לציין שאחד העוזרים – דוד עזרן חטף מאותה כנופיה מכות רצח במנחה של שבת

    • 81. wow wrote:

      ממש כמו משל הצפרדע והעקרב…

      מן הסתם גם לאובינר מחכה משהו מיוחד

  • 82. If you've got to beat someone up to "convince" them.... wrote:

    …then there’s something wrong with what you’re trying to convince them of!

  • 83. Elie Wiesel‬ wrote:

    “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” ‪

  • 84. lubavitch bochur wrote:


    makes me sick…especially as a bochur in baal teshuva yeshiva…i hope my parents dont see this as it would be a big chillul lubavitch/frumkeit.

    are there any updates? any other arrests? is reb shifren back at 770 every day? can i come say “hello”? maybe i need to stop in and see if I can get it through his head that he isn’t just affecting himself and this other bochur

  • 85. IT'S HIGH TIME wrote:

    I for one use to love davening in 770 and felt a certain comfort in seeing the Rebbe’s chair there etc. But unfortunately, I am just one amongst many like me who try not to go there anymore because these low lifes took over the entire shul. I enjoy singing Yechi in the right place and time, but couldn’t hear shofar motzoh yom kippur because these gangs took over and wouldn’t let up with total disregard for the fact that this is the Rebbe’s shul run by gaboim etc. what once was a kvutzah that brought chayus to 770 has become over the years a “gang” that is destroying everything 770 once was. It’s time to send them back and let them all stay there. There isn’t and hasn’t been a proper Hanhala for a very long time which is how it was able to get to this disgraceful level. As for Huebner, I feel sorry for his family and would never dream of being meshadech with any of his children.

    • 86. Amen! wrote:

      Couldn’t agree with you more, and I consider myself somewhat of a meshichist!

      Yet I am totally disgusted and wierded-out by this gang. You hit the nail on the head: Though they were once a source of chayus, they are now a gang of thug hoodlums — a mafia of sorts, r”l.

      It’s time for them all to be deported and/or evicted. I am sorry to have to say this.

    • 87. Realty wrote:

      “what once was a kvutzah that brought chayus to 770”

      The Meshichist movement is based on baseless hate and therefore nothing good could have or will ever come out of it.

      All these years, these young lads have been poisoned – brainwashed – with hate. Now, (in recent years) this hate has come back to the haters to bite them in the …..
      The chickens have come home to roost.

    • 88. to: realty wrote:

      The meshichist movement is NOT based on baseless hate. these lads have there own “movement” perhaps, but it’s NOT THE WHOLE MESHICHIST MOVEMENT! as a meshichist, i ask these lads: “before you speak about Our Rebbe Melech Hamoshiach -WHERE IS G-D? and would OUR REBBE M”HM approve of what you did or what your REALLY DOING?”

  • 90. Who owns 749? wrote:

    Seems like no one is able to explain what’s going on: why they are allowed into the country, why they are allowed into a dorm, etc. etc.

    Too bad.

    The shechuna is sinking and no one in power has the courage to take action.

  • 92. 749 Eastern Parkway wrote:

    the building looks like a dumpster from the outside but I don’t know what’s inside it. I’m sure looks like a dumpster as well thank you for police for arresting those two Bochurim they are extremely dangerous to people I knew something was wrong with those two Bochurim they push and they hit people as well they love to fight and argue and they think they own 770 they don’t they are extremely sick people

  • 94. shlomo wrote:

    if 749 was not jewish plase it was closed long time ago by the first inspection no matter fire department, house department, health department. but authority do not want deal with jewish((((


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