‘Crack House’ Raid Yields Large Cache of Drugs

Neighbors are reportedly breathing a sigh of relief following a major drug bust on Lefferts Avenue last night. Police discovered a very large cache of drugs along with identity-theft devices inside a home that neighbors have been complaining about for months.

Police sources tell CrownHeights.info that after a lengthy investigation by the 71st Precinct’s Intelligence Unit, they obtained a search warrant for 704 Lefferts Avenue and executed a raid late Thursday evening.

The target of the investigation was 29-year-old Aaron Akaberi, who was previously arrested in connection with a discovery of guns and drugs in the basement of Aliyah as well as car crash which also yielded “a duffle bag full of drugs.”

When police raided the house, Akaberi fled out the rear and managed to hide for nearly an hour until he was spotted on the roof of the Bnos Menachem Girls’ School on East New York Avenue, just around the corner.

A helicopter was called in to assist officers from the Strategic Response Group and Emergency Service Unit, who combed over rooftops of a number of nearby buildings. Police sources said that Akaberi used ladders to climb between buildings in an attempt to hide out before he was apprehended.

Among the drugs found in the house were cocaine, crystal meth, alprazolam (Xanax) and marijuana, along with scales and drug paraphernalia. Police also found a credit card skimming device often used by identity thieves.

Akaberi was charged with 11 felonies, two of which are class A felonies which carry a up to a life sentence, and 6 misdemeanor charges – all of which range from burglary to criminal possession and distribution of narcotics.

Five other people, 3 men and 2 women, were arrested, and all face a variation of similar charges.


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  • Lubavitcher for Liberty

    The War on Drugs™ is many times more costly to human life, liberty, wealth and happiness than drugs themselves.

    Prohibition of a product that people want never works. See prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s for reference.

    The harder the government fights drugs, the more the drug trade is consolidated in the hands of the most brutal criminals and cartels. See the failed state of Mexico for reference.

    40 years of the Federal Governments vicious war on drugs have not succeeded in making the slightest dent in the nation’s drug use.

    Why do people refuse to understand this? How many more people have to die, be injured or locked away in cages before we realize that this entire “war” is an exercise in futility?

    • Tsugin

      Criticism of the war on drugs is about overly harsh sentencing for small-time users who were jailed for, for example, three instances of possession of minimal amounts of marijuana. It’s not about arresting street dealers who traffic in drugs, assault weapons, and other criminal devices like credit card skimmers. Such people deserve little sympathy for the visceral dangers they impose not only on their casual customers but on the physical safety of the community around them.

    • Lubavitcher for Liberty

      #2 and #3 – You haven’t addressed a single one of my points.

      I didn’t say that drugs are good, or that there is no theoretical merit in fighting them. I said that any effort to fight them is bound to fail, and will result in more harm than could have possibly been wrought by the drugs themselves.

      Just because a house is on fire, doesn’t mean you should pour any liquid on it. Some liquids can make the problem much worse.

      Portugal decriminalized all drug use over 10 years ago. All drug us is treated as a medical issue in that county. The number of people negatively harmed by drugs has gone down tremendously in the years since.

      In the same same time period, Mexico took the opposite approach and launched an all-out assault on drug producers and sellers. The results were gruesome, and the effort was an abject failure – with the consolidation of the drug trade by the most brutal cartels imaginable.

      Since the Nixon administration, the U.S. has been fighting drugs as if it was a criminal problem. With countless lives lost and ruined, and trillions of dollars lost, what do they have to show for it? Absolutely nothing. Not even the slightest dent has been made in drug use.

      You can dance gleefully about a fellow Jew whose life choices you find unsavory going to spend the rest of his life in a Federal rape cage as much as you want. But know that we are nowhere closer to solving the problem.

      Maybe it’s time to change our approach to drug use, and treat it like the medical problem it is.

    • Sruli

      #2 & #3…
      No response?
      Someone approaches a conversation with reason and the Mommies & Tatties run away…

      Try to consider that if drugs were legal, then this place would never exist in the first place.

      The biggest problem in this country is the fact that Drugs & Guns are illegal. It gives the criminals an advantage.

      This is something that you should apply when attempting to educate your kids (I’m referring to considering other perspectives besides for your old school instinctual ones).

      We are not in russia, Update your software.

  • number 2

    so number 1, do you suggest we sit idly by as crack is served to our children or are you saying we should all be dealing and or using.

    • Shimon Shak

      What he is saying is that the justice system is overloaded with these dealers who, due to the current sentencing guidelines, receive excessive sentences. According to the above this arrested individual is facing multiple life sentences yet a recently convicted pedophile from the community got a year in jail and a taxi driver who killed someone didn’t even get arrested. Whether these sentences are fair or not is a different discusion but the unintentional bi-product of this system is that the corrections facilities are overloaded with essentially non-violent criminals who get 15-life and we are forced to support them with our taxes. The more recent proposals are to reduce sentences and combine them with actual rehabilitation which suppposedly will relieve the tax burden on us and rehabilitate these individuals.

    • Lubavitcher for Liberty

      1. There was no crack found in that House.
      2. Crack was only invented because of drug prohibition (since cocaine is illegal, it’s easier to smuggle it in a condensed form = crack).
      3. Cocaine is harmless if used in moderation – like alcohol.
      4. There is no evidence that any of them sold drugs to children.
      5. It is easier for children to buy drugs than alcohol. Street sellers don’t check for I.D.
      6. This is not about children. There are very few children who actually use drugs. This is about adults who make choices about what to put in their bodies – choices that you find unsavory. Bringing children into the picture is an attempt by you to gain sympathy from emotional people for your efforts to initiate force (via the state) against people whose life-choices you disagree with.
      7. If you have used a recreational drug of any kind (including alcohol, Xanax, morphine, caffeine or nicotine), you are a hypocrite.
      8. Individual adults have the right to put in their body whatever they see fit. Period. The same way you have the right to stuff your face with Cholent and oily kugel every Shabbos until your heart explodes, with nobody interfering with your poor choices. If your neighbor feels like smoking a joint to take the edge off – mind your own business.

  • DRUGS!!!!!

    easy activity for them…. yes; drugs do bring crimes… but they should be busy with real crimes ….(especially in a nation where drugs will be legal in all states sooner than latter ….)

  • Hey

    Why are the idiot undercover cops exposing themselves to the public? Now every low life drug dealer will recognize them and avoid them or worse maybe attack them? Are they that stupid or overly confident?

    • Really

      Plain clothes Officers and Detectives vs. Undercover Officers and Detectives. Clearly, you are unaware that there is a distinct difference. The Men and Women of the NYPD strive to make our communities safer and are far from Idiots. The idiots are the Men and Women who were arrested as part of this bust. What are your thoughts on those individuals? Silence but we are waiting.

  • Avi

    The gematria of akaberi is equal to samim which means poisons (drugs)
    Wow. The torah warned us about him in advance.

  • To lub. For liberty

    In general you are correct. Specifically, re #8 I want to draw a parallel to vaccines. Individuals have the right to put in their bodies whatever they see fit, and similarly REFUSE to have injected in them what they don’t approve of.
    Good Shabbos.

  • Crown Heights Resident

    someone should post a picture of Aron Akaberi for people who have evidence for the police.

    Some people have evidence but don’t realize who Aron Akaberi was

  • crown heights needs a patch

    I’m ashamed of all you crown heights people u crawl out your caves when u find out some news or gossip in crown heights

    I’m being honest…. how about you ppl do some thing to help the community instead of going online to comment about some thing or some one you really know absolutely nothing about

    I see clearly the shechuna comes out to comment when they have some excitement in their life from ch.info what were u doing all this time to help the community ??????

    Crawl back into your caves

  • Sammy

    They are innocent. This is a setup because the community didn’t like them because boys and girls mixed together

  • Shimon Shak

    Anyone have any updates on this?? They have not been listed on any NYC site concerning pending cases.

  • Nostalgia

    When I grew up, the cops were the good guys.
    Now they are provided protection for meth dealers.

  • Compassion/Psycotropics

    This boy needs our love and compassion. Of course he must get off all drugs. But there is a much more fundamental problem.
    As a teenager in the 70’s I tried just about every drug on the market except for the ones that were very dangerous. I was not yet religious.
    I was searching within myself for answers. This boy is a Bina person, delving deep into his spiritual identity. He unfortunately got into dealing.
    1 out of 5 people (60-65 million) in the USA are taking psychotropic drugs (20% of the population) which include anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, Ritalin, Adderall (which is in the same category and ingredients as Cocaine and Amphetamines!!) which causes Brain Damage, Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Paranoia, Delusions, and Psychosis!
    So there is little difference between him and the APA who have a Drs. license to (kill) “deal out” these drugs like candies to our children, youth and adults?
    Lets see this thugs go “bust” the Pharmaceutical drug companies who profit billions of dollars and “bribe” even your family doctor with millions of dollars a year in benefits to drug up our “searching and confused children and youth.