Man Arrested for Threatening to Blow Up 770

NYC counterterrorism police officers arrested a mentally disabled man yesterday morning after he threatened to blow up ‘770,’ the headquarters and main synagogue of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in Crown Heights.

It is unclear what led to the confrontation between the counterterrorism officers – who routinely visit 770 and other large synagogues around New York City for safety assessments – and the man.

The man appeared to believe that nefarious forces were conspiring to have him evicted from 770. He accused the officers of working on behalf of these ‘forces,’ and then threatened to blow up the building in retaliation.

As this constituted a criminal terroristic threat, the man was arrested and charged with the crime, then forcibly admitted to a mental health facility in Kings County Hospital.

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  • 1. SMH wrote:

    they should let him go this guy is obviously not a threat

    NYPD are bored and are always looking to make a scene

    • 2. They should not let him go wrote:

      They did not lock him up in Guantanamo, they forced him to get help in a hospital.

      He is clearly in need of help, and they have provided it.

      Thank you NYPD, I pray for a day when you are indeed bored.

  • 3. Better safe than sorry! wrote:

    In cases such as these I think of the wise saying:
    “Better safe than sorry”.

  • 4. to #1 wrote:

    The guy obviously needs help. This is probably the only way to get him help because they can’t force him to go to the hospital against his will. If they arrest him the can probably take him there….

  • 5. concerned wrote:

    He IS a threat if he is mentally unstable. Who knows what he is capable of if his mind does not work right. He also could be a danger to himself.

  • 6. more so... wrote:

    I know the guy. He does not need any help. All you internet warriors need to learn to stop talking when you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • 9. ymg wrote:

    I find that a lot of the people commenting on these site carry a verbal dagger and use it to attack. Very not nice.

  • 11. Have a good day! wrote:

    Reply to # 6: a person who threatens to blow up something is mentally ill and is a danger and must get help

  • 12. Scary wrote:

    As sad as it is that he’s mentally unstable, things such as this cannot be overlooked…

    So perhaps he wouldn’t actually blow up 770, but people are capable of committing serious actions under anger…hopefully he was at least put in his place to prevent anything else..

  • 13. Who are the real terroriists ?? wrote:

    Crown Heights is so bored lately its sad. You guys are just looking for the next person to talk about.
    I know this guy personally and the exact story unlike you people.
    It was a joke!! He apologized to the police and they clearly accepted it but of course because its July and the streets are dead you are searching for some good gossip.
    He is a young jewish man who meant no harm- you should be ashamed.
    You guys call yourself religious, you are worse than arabs!! Waiting to read the next crazy gossip story.


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