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Rock Thrown at Bochurim Traveling from Detroit

A rock was thrown at a bus carrying Yeshiva students who travelled overnight from Detroit to spend Gimmel Tammuz at the Ohel.

The incident occurred Thursday morning as the bus was traveling alongside Prospect Park towards Crown Heights.

According to witnesses, a teenager threw the rock at the bus, which shattered one of the windows. The point of impact was right next to the head of one of the passengers, who was asleep at the time.

Though the window shattered from the impact, the laminate kept most of the broken glass in place, and the incident did not result in any injuries, b”h.

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  • 1. Larry wrote:

    If I had to guess I would say probably a white lady walking her two kids to the park to play wanted to have a little fun

  • 4. mishechistim wrote:

    i dont think it was the tzfatis so dont say it was them becuse they wernt even there

  • 6. maybe wrote:

    it could’ve been some teenagers just looking for some amusement!! Or it could have been a mistake like a 2-year old threw it or something.. :P

  • 7. A Person wrote:

    I think they should find out more info (fingerprints..) before accusing teenagers.


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