Second Teen Stabbed to Death on Utica Ave.

Merely hours after an 18-year-old African-American teen was stabbed to death inside a Utica Ave. shoe store, another 17-year-old boy was stabbed to death barely a few hundred feet away, on the corner of Utica Ave. and Eastern Parkway – near the Crown Heights-Utica Ave. subway station, in what appears to be a related incident.

The second stabbing occurred Wednesday night at around 11:30pm, on the corner of Eastern Parkway and Utica Ave.

The victim, later identified as John Garrett, 17, was stabbed in the chest by an unknown assailant. News 12 reports that surveillance video from a nearby bodega captured Garrett struggling with what appears to be another teenager.

The victim was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Garrett’s family told News 12 that they had just celebrated his birthday on Sunday and that he did well in school. He was the youngest of three children.

Sources say the two victims knew each other, though it is still unclear why they were targeted.


  • 1. Shimon Shak wrote:

    Isn’t there an extra term in the law books for a Mayor in NYC?? Bring back Guilliani for another term. Enough of this BS!!!

  • 2. yakov wrote:

    Thanks deblasio for making the city a jungle with your progressivism.

  • 3. tragedy wrote:

    My heart goes out to the boys’ families. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • 4. Stop and Frisk wrote:

    Mayor, you stopped it and now you see the results. Criminals are no longer scared to walk around with a weapon.

    Shame on you!

    • 5. mob wrote:

      Unfortunately, law abiding citizens ARE afraid to walk around with a weapon.

      Double shame on Mayor Wihelm.

  • 6. alias jack smith wrote:

    it is still gaza strip. this what u get when elect another david dinkiins.

  • 7. To Stop and Frisk wrote:

    DeBlasio and Bratton insist there’s no correlation, maybe they have a bridge to sell… DeBlasio and his progressive comrades won’t loose too much sleep from the epidemic of black on black violence, only when a black man dies in a conformation with a cop is there reason to be upset! Remember, body count doesn’t matter much, only WHO did the killing. Same thing in the Middle East…

  • 8. the Mayor wrote:

    The fact that they used knives and not guns shows that maybe the city has cracked down on guns.

  • 9. Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher wrote:

    Bravo! Bravo! Another sterling example of unchecked liberal ignorance on display for all the world to see! Of course, demonize guns and make them impossible for any intelligent, mature, responsible adult to own and carry so that they might, heaven forbid, have the opportunity to defend themselves or others around them when the police are nowhere to be seen, and expect the crime rate to decrease. They haven’t figured out yet that it’s not the WEAPONS which are the problem, it’s the people!! Take away the guns and they will use knifes. Take away the knives and they will use baseball bats. Take away the bats and they will use bricks and stones. At the rate that NYC is going, they will have regressed 3000 years in under a decade and the only thing that will be legal to own will be a fig leaf! (You can strangle someone with a pair of underpants……..)

  • 10. NopeNopeNope wrote:

    Yeah, umm guns are still around. A kid got shot just outside my place last night. About one in the morning. Troy Ave and St. John’s.

    I’m a little afraid to leave the house and go to work this morning.

  • 11. Citzen Berel wrote:

    Death penalty.

    These wicked creatures know they will get caught and know that they will go to jail and they do not care and for many of these creatures jail isn’t any worse than out of jail

    Eradicate the evil in your midst.

  • 12. wwd wrote:

    ****I’m sorry for the loss*****
    and I want to say that
    if the energy that they used in Ferguson and Baltimore (ETC) would be used to have outrage against EVIL and CRIME….as in: taking responsibility for onesself, then some change would come.
    The social services took away people’s understanding of being pro-active and taking responsibility to see what each person can do. There is positive ability in each person and REAL CHANGE CAN HAPPEN.

  • 14. S.Levy wrote:

    We undergo the same stupid and cretin socialist authorities down here who are wild over having “equitable rights”, disarming law-abiding citizens and letting loose primitive murderers.


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